5 Ways Contact Centers Can Deliver Seamless CX Across Multiple Locations

5 Ways Contact Centers Can Deliver Seamless CX Across Multiple Locations

For contact centers wanting to expand across EMEA, figuring out how to deliver a seamless customer experience no matter where they are located can be a challenge. Today’s customers expect interactions with agents to be easy, smooth, and well-informed -- and for agents to have quick access to their past interactions to understand the context of their customer journey. Agents also expect a smooth digital experience where they don’t have to sign on to multiple systems and hunt for information.

When you’re juggling multiple onsite and remote contact center locations spread across several regions, how do you ensure that every agent is fully empowered to deliver on these expectations?

Here are 5 ways to deliver great customer experiences when you have multiple locations:

  1. Move to the cloud. If you’re still on-prem, or working in a hybrid environment, now is the time to move to an intelligent cloud contact center. The cloud is the only way to provide agents the ability to work from anywhere with the ease of logging into one system on a laptop. The cloud delivers agility, scalability, and the ability to respond to dynamic situations, such as having to work from home due to unforeseeable events.

  2. Integrate your systems. Separate systems create disconnect for agents and for the customer experience. While separate systems are needed to deliver value to the business, these systems need to be integrated into one platform so that agents only have to deal with one screen. Your intelligent contact center should offer easy APIs and pre-built integrations to major customer relationship management (CRM), workforce optimization (WFO), unified communications (UC), and other critical systems.

  3. Implement single sign-on. With integrated systems, agents can use single sign-on (SSO) to log into the contact center -- often unaware that they are using multiple systems at once. This alleviates them from having to juggle multiple systems and creates a smoother delivery of services to customers.

  4. Coach with a WFO solution. Managing agents in multiple locations and in work-from-home situations can be tricky. A WFO solution that integrates with your cloud contact center will give you the oversight and tools to monitor and coach agents to optimal performance levels.

  5. Leverage AI-augmentation - but keep the human touch. State of the art cloud contact centers like Five9 leverage AI and machine learning capabilities to augment agent performance. This helps agents deliver faster, more accurate service with less stress; but don’t just implement bots. Customers still turn to customer service for the human touch. AI augmentation should free up agents to connect with empathy and understanding to customers to deliver a great customer experience.

These are a few key ways to ensure your contact center can deliver great customer experiences while working across different geographies. Five9 delivers the intelligent cloud contact center that powers all of these abilities.

Read our white paper to learn how to create an intelligent cloud contact center that delivers exceptional customer experiences. 

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