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Edwin Margulies

Five9 Acquires SoCoCare

Social media has fundamentally changed customer engagement; 1 in 5 consumers say they have used social media for service in the last year and are willing to pay a 21% premium to companies that provide great service.[1]

An estimated 3 million people work in call centers in the United States, receiving 43 billion phone calls per year.[2]


With the addition of SoCoCare, call centers that use Five9 can treat requests for customer service from social channels similarly to incoming phone calls.

The Intersection Between Cloud Contact Center, Social and Mobile

By Edwin Margulies & Sarah Rolfing CloudCCTR+Mobile+Social2 The holy grail of customer service: "A comprehensive and preferred-channel engagement experience for customers." And now we're much closer owing to the acquisition of SoCoCare by cloud contact center soft

Blended Community and Social for Customer Care

By Edwin Margulies Peer-to-Peer Community software has proven to be a great way to leverage the power and knowledge of your customers, advocates, and experts in a collaborative way.

Getting a Handle on Social Influence

By Edwin Margulies Social Engagement for Customer Care is one of the fastest-growing disciplines in the customer service space. There are all kinds of metrics we use to quantify the importance of a social post and social authors. Amongst them is topic relevancy and sentiment. But perhaps the least understood or leveraged is social influence. Let's take a closer look at influence and see what can be done to make it more useful.

Growth Hacking Meets Customer Service

By Edwin Margulies The principles of growth hacking are extensible and can be applied to the realm of customer service.

How to Overcome Common Social Customer Service Mistakes: Q&A with Ashley Verrill

There are many best practices or measures your company should take when it comes to providing stellar social customer service. Listening for brand mentions and establishing response and measurement strategies are good places to start. But how about the things you shouldn’t do?

Multi-Layer Dispositioning for Social Care

By Ed Margulies A big challenge for practitioners of social engagement for customer care is the proper dispositioning of customer posts and interactions. In traditional contact centers, dispositioning can be handled by case management systems, ACD outcomes and CRM systems.

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