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CX KPIs: What You Should Be Measuring

Key performance indicators, also known as KPIs, enable companies to make smart business decisions and to gauge how their business is executing on their goals. As technology advances and consumer expectations evolve, it is crucial that companies are measuring the “right” KPIs impacting customer experience and satisfaction.

In the world of contact centers, many KPIs of the past focused more on internal operations than on the experience customers were receiving. What KPIs matter? Whether a KPI is effective or not depends on how that intelligence is used and what that means for the customer in that moment. For a contact center, you want to know if the agent is armed with the right information when engaged with a customer. Does the agent have access to actionable insights on the customer’s relationship with the company, services, and previous interactions? What happens when an interaction needs to be escalated -- be it to another agent or from a digital channel such as a chat to a live agent? Do you start all over, or move the customer along in the sales or purchase journey effortlessly?  

The most effective CX related KPIs focus directly on the real desired result – delivering an exceptional customer experience where the customer leaves the engagement not only satisfied, but positive about the brand. These include:

  • First call resolution – FCR has long been used as a measure of contact center effectiveness. However, first call resolution is only meaningful if the customer problem is actually resolved on the first call. If for example, a customer calls back later in the day or a few days later, more than likely the problem wasn’t truly resolved.
  • Primary CX KPIs 
    • Customer Satisfaction 
    • Net Promoter Score (NPS) – both relational and transactional
    • Customer Effort Score 
  • Post call surveys - Surveys are a good way to obtain the voice of the customer, but they should be timely, quick and easy to respond to. Companies should utilize this feedback to adjust contact center procedures and improve the customer experience. Don’t let these results sit idle – make effective change.

We have learned that Customer Effort is becoming increasingly important. In the latest Five9 Customer Service Index, we asked, “what is the likelihood of continuing to do business with a company if it requires a lot of effort to resolve an issue?” The majority of customers (69%) are somewhat or very unlikely to continue to do business if it requires a lot of effort to resolve an issue – proving that KPIs that focus on customer impact are most critical and productive.  

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