Embracing the Disruption and Upping your Business Continuity Plans

Embracing the Disruption and Upping your Business Continuity Plans

I think it’s safe to say that we are living in an unprecedented time right now and among all the many facets of concerns it brings, business continuity is top of mind for most businesses at the moment. Since there was little-to-no notice of workers having to work remotely, businesses are quickly trying to adopt technology that allows employees to not only work from home but stay engaged within the organization.  

What I find even more interesting is how we are seeing companies adapt to the new work environment by simply embracing the disruption. Five9, for example, has opened up multiple Slack channels so our team members can stay engaged with each other by posting pictures of their kids, pets, and even their at-home workouts. It’s the little things that can help our community feel connected during these times.

We have also seen an increased participation in Zoom video and conference calls for our remote meetings. We have accepted that everyone in your family is part of our Five9 family and welcome them to step in frame to say hi to the team. With school closures resulting in children staying at home, everyone is adapting to these new life disruptions. Welcoming your children to say hi on a conference call can lessen their stress of our new day-to-day schedule. Understanding the realities of the environment and enthusiastically accepting it, has ironically made the disruption less disruptive. 

A happy human experience extends beyond our workforce and also extends to our customers. Feel free to share your stories with us, pictures of you working from home and incorporate your family into your video calls. If we create normal interactions, it will disrupt the disruption!

If you are interested in learning how to support your contact center agents remotely, please reach out to learn how Five9 can support your WFH needs. To learn about our FastTrack Deployment Program, click here. You can also learn how we partner with companies like Zoom to provide a unified solution for our customers, here.

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