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Enhancing Customer Experiences: Wavenet’s Growing Partnership with Five9


In the dynamic world of customer service and contact centres, providing exceptional customer experiences has become paramount. Businesses must find innovative solutions to transform customer interactions. Wavenet has partnered with Five9 since 2018 and gained momentum in 2021 when Wavenet received a Five9 Global Partner Rising Star Award. Since 2022, we have continued to grow our success with a focus on delivering our mutual commitment to deliver a world-class customer experience solution.

Personalization and Brand Consistency

One of the key benefits of the Five9 and Wavenet partnership is the ability to deliver personalized customer experiences at scale. Wavenet's AI voice technology enables the creation of unique voices that align with a company's brand identity, allowing businesses to maintain consistency across all customer touchpoints. Customers are more connected and valued when they engage with voices that reflect the brand they are interacting with, fostering a stronger sense of trust and loyalty.

The Power of Wavenet's AI Voice Technology

Wavenet is renowned for our cutting-edge AI voice technology, which utilizes deep learning techniques to generate natural-sounding speech. By training on massive datasets, Wavenet's technology has achieved remarkable progress in text-to-speech synthesis, enabling more realistic and expressive voices than ever before. This advanced AI voice technology holds immense potential for revolutionizing customer interactions, bringing a human touch to automated systems.

Seamless Integration with Five9 CX Platform

The Five9 Intelligent CX Platform provides a comprehensive suite of solutions for orchestrating fluid customer experiences. The partnership allows Five9 customers to leverage Wavenet's AI voices within their contact centre workflows seamlessly. Agents can deliver more personalized and engaging conversations, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Enhanced IVR and Self-Service Applications

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems and self-service applications are crucial in managing high call volumes and providing quick resolutions. However, traditional IVR systems often lack the warmth and personal touch of human interactions. By incorporating Wavenet's AI voice technology, the Five9 IVR and self-service applications can deliver more natural and engaging voice prompts, reducing customer frustration and enhancing the overall self-service experience.

Future Possibilities and Innovation

The collaboration between Five9 and Wavenet opens exciting possibilities for the future of customer service. With advancements in AI voice technology, businesses can explore new avenues for conversational AI, virtual assistants, and even multilingual customer support. By leveraging Wavenet's continuous improvements and the expertise Five9 brings to cloud contact centre solutions, organizations can stay at the forefront of customer experience innovation.

The partnership between Five9 and Wavenet marks an essential milestone in the evolution of customer service. By combining the Five9 intelligent CX platform with Wavenet's state-of-the-art AI voice technology, businesses can elevate their customer interactions to new heights. The ability to deliver personalized, natural-sounding voices at scale enhances brand consistency, improves self-service applications, and sets the stage for future innovation. With Five9 and Wavenet, businesses can build stronger customer relationships and thrive in the era of exceptional customer experiences. Click here to find out more about Wavenet’s Contact Centre solutions

Tom Grandy Wavenet Guest post by Tom Grandy, Business Development Director, Wavenet


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