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Five9 Delivering on its CX Promise Globally with Salesforce

Doug Brown
Doug Brown Dir. Business Development, Five9

Dir. Business Development, Five9

Five9 and Salesforce are two of the most recognizable names in the software industry and our partnership continues to generate interest and excitement in the contact center world. Five9 offers innovative cloud contact center technology, and Salesforce provides a complete best-in-class customer relationship management solution. We are changing the CX game for businesses to enhance their workforce, customer service and sales operations and reduce customer churn and help reduce operational costs.  


Watch what contact center leaders have to say about the importance of integrating Salesforce with your contact center, and how that integration eliminates barriers and provides better customer and agent experiences. It's no wonder we have over 1,300 global joint customers and why we are the number 1 CCaaS partner in this category! 


At the end of last year, we launched Five9 for Service Cloud Voice BYOT. This integration allows for a seamless and unified customer experience across all channels, whether through phone, email, chat, or social media through Salesforce Omnichannel. This means that agents can easily access customer data and interact with them in real time, leading to faster and more effective resolutions to customer issues. It also means that businesses can easily track customer interactions and gain insights into their behavior and preferences, allowing them to make more informed decisions about their sales and marketing strategies.  


“The Five9 Service Cloud Voice for Partner Telephony integration is a welcome addition to the Service Cloud Voice ecosystem,” said Ryan Nichols, SVP and GM of Service Cloud Contact Center at Salesforce. “The expansion of Service Cloud Voice for Partner Telephony enables customers to integrate the telephony experience natively within the agent workspace, combined with CRM data, process, and voice intelligence.” 


Creating a unified experience for our joint Five9 and Salesforce customers continues to be a top priority. We develop and regularly innovate our Salesforce Adapter (Open CTI) to help contact centers deliver a unified, seamless, and engaging experience. Agents are enabled to engage customers on their channel of choice and use the power of practical Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation to exceed your customers' expectations.  


Five9 celebration at 2023 Salesforce World Tour events 


Five9 is proud to sponsor and highlight our valuable solutions at this year's Salesforce World Tours. Five9 will highlight our Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) journeys, Service Cloud Voice BYOT solution, and Open Computer Telephony Integration (CTI). Most importantly, customers will see how with Five9 IVAs with Salesforce integration provide: 

  • A proactive and intuitive way to self-serve

  • Deflecting calls from the contact center 

  • Cost savings 


Salesforce World Tours are an ideal way to learn about the latest trends in customer experience, connect with other professionals in the industry, and discover innovative technologies that can help take your business to the next level. Five9 will be at the following 2023 Salesforce World Tour events: 


  • Washington DC – April 19 

  • New York City – May 4 

  • Sao Paolo – May 17 

  • London – June 29 

  • New York City – December 7 


Five9 and Salesforce elevate the customer and agent experience enabling your workforce with AI and evolving the contact center through a powerful CX platform and its best-in-class integration with Salesforce complete customer relationship management solution. It is the people and our partnerships that bring the customer engagements that create the true CX difference and help us deliver on our CX Promise. 


Learn more about the Five9 Salesforce partnership and solutions on the Salesforce App Exchange: Five9 Intelligent Contact Center and Five9 for Service Cloud Voice BYOT.  Explore all the Five9 CRM integrations information on our website: 

Doug Brown
Doug Brown Dir. Business Development, Five9

Dir. Business Development, Five9

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