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The Five9 Vision for Partner Enablement: Align, Empower, Amplify, Accelerate

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Virginia Anderson Partner Marketing Director, Partner Enablement

Five9 just concluded our annual CX Summit , during which we surpassed our attendance goal with significant participation from partners, clients, analysts, and investors. Excitement was in the air as we shared our vision for reimagining CX and how to collectively shape the future of a customer service with the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center. A special thank you goes out to our amazing partners who sponsored this year's event.  

As a senior partner marketing professional, I enjoy many aspects of engaging with partners. Mostly, I value their enthusiasm, tenaciousness, and their genuine appreciation for being acknowledged as integral collaborators in our success. If you are not treating your partners as if they are part of your organization, well, you are missing the boat, in my opinion. If you want loyalty, then give loyalty. 

We recognize the importance of building a go-to-market strategy that invests heavily in our partner ecosystem. At the pace of growth that Five9 is experiencing, our partner ecosystem is more vital than ever. Over the last year, we have listened to our partners and delivered. Our strategy is simple: align, amplify, and accelerate with our Five9 partners. We are better together.  


Five9 launched several key programs to connect with partners and ensure our mutual success at the inaugural Five9 Partner Summitwhich was held in February 2021. This event gives us an annual platform to share our refreshed vision and resources as well as recognize the accomplishments of our key partners.  We are in preparation to make the next partner summit a great success and we look forward to celebrating our Five9 partner award winners again. Check out the Five9 2020 Partner Award Winners. 

The Five9 Global Partner Marketing team, led by Stacey Cole, highlights partner profiles, technology partner integration guides, win reviews, case studies, and news in a monthly Five9 internal newsletter called the Five9 Partner Loop. This helps ensure all employees at Five9 are coordinated with our partner strategy and that selling with partners is entrenched in our culture. 

Onboard and Empower 

Creating a programmatic approach to bringing new partners to Five9 is critical to our success, and in August we launched the new Partner Hello! Guides for our Reseller Partners.  This new step-by-step guide outlines the onboarding process and sets realistic expectations with timelines for a smooth and productive experience for our partners.  It includes everything from account team introductions, technical implementation, partner enablement, sales and marketing resources. 

Once partners onboard, we stream consistent communication via our Partner Insider and Marketing Wire email newsletters to ensure we never lose touch, and all our partners have the latest and greatest information on how to grow together with Five9. Communication is a two-way street, and we are ready to listen this month with our inaugural Five9 Global Partner Advisory Board Kick Off. We have carefully selected a group of partners to share feedback to ensure we continue to be a leader and deliver on our commitment. 


In Spring, we rolled out the Five9 Partner Amplify Webinar Series. These webinars are designed specifically for partners and address new products, product enhancements, marketing campaigns, and technical expertise, all intended to create a stronger partner network. Following each webinar, we provide partners with resources to take that knowledge and create demand via ready-to-go campaigns or a Campaign-in-a-Box, which includes the recorded webinar, links to sites or videos, and customizable sales tools and marketing resources.  

After much anticipation and excitement, we formally launched the new Five9 Partner Portal. We rolled it out to beta partners this past summer and formally to all partners at the Five9 CX Summit .This new portal is a game changer. It is a 24/7 fully integrated Partner Relationship Management (PRM) solution that provides our partners a complete dashboard with immediate online access to deal registration, review opportunities, commissions and a robust content resource center, where partners can find sales training materials, data sheets, competitive information, infographics and ready-to-launch co-brandable campaigns. Sign up today to attend the upcoming Five9 Partner Amplify Webinar for a deep dive into all the notable features of this portal, being held on September 14.  


One of the most exciting things about our new Five9 Partner Hello! Guide is that it’s designed to accelerate our partners’ time to revenue – and at the same time it supplies an opportunity for partners to differentiate themselves. We provide value-added training and certifications that help our partners stand out to their customers. 

Five9 strives to be the preferred CCaaS provider across all partner types, and we are committed to bringing innovative and effective partner enablement programs, tools, and resources that our partners have come to expect from us. 

Acknowledging the value partners bring to Five9 means looking past “me” and focusing on “we.” We are a team of experts that bring powerful solutions to our mutual customers. We are always there to ensure that success is long term. We rely on each other, and we win together. 

We are committed to scaling to new heights in 2021 and beyond with our partnersWe look forward to staying connected and celebrating our success with our partners.  

Potential partners: Reach out to us directly to discuss what more we can do together. Email us directly at 

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Virginia Anderson Partner Marketing Director, Partner Enablement

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