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Virginia Anderson

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The Five9 Vision for Partner Enablement: Align, Empower, Amplify, Accelerate

We recognize the importance of building a go-to-market strategy that invests heavily in our partner ecosystem. At the pace of growth that Five9 is experiencing, our partner ecosystem is more vital than ever. Over the last year, we have listened to our partners and delivered. Our strategy is simple: align, amplify, and accelerate with our Five9 partners. We are better together.
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Five9 Partners can now become Sales Certified via the Five9 University for Partners

In today’s fast-paced business world, companies must provide customers with efficient, cost-effective, and personalized customer service. AI-powered conversational interfaces like Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVAs) have emerged as a powerful tool to enhance customer experience and increase customer satisfaction. As such, businesses must have skilled professionals who can sell and deploy these technologies effectively. To meet this requirement, Five9 has launched its Five9 University for Partners and a new IVA Sales Certification Curriculum.

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