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How Financial Services Orgs Can Improve Customer Experiences

Kevork Hill
Kevork Hill Five9 Content Strategy Intern

Within the financial services industry, companies deal with problems both old and new. New challenges come in the form of delivering unified customer experiences across channels, while the goal of enhancing customer satisfaction is as pervasive as ever. To address these challenges, it is important to integrate an updated contact center to maintain and improve customer satisfaction.

“75% of customers suggest their experience influences whether they purchase a banking product.”


According to Forrester Research, digital systems handle nearly half of all financial transactions in the United States. With a growing number of digital transactions, providing self-service options is essential to improve both customer satisfaction and the efficiency of your team. In fact, increasing self-service options can allow your people more time to deal with more complex issues. But they need the necessary tools to provide the best possible support.

Integrations with customer relationship management (CRM) and unified communications (UC) platforms are a key part of the solution and allow organizations to maximize the benefit of their existing investments while building on customer experience.

  • Pre-built Five9 integrations with leading CRM solutions from Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Zendesk create a seamless, powerful combinations of capabilities. The integration helps improve agent efficiency and deliver improved customer experiences.
  • Five9 integrations with UCaaS platforms — including Microsoft Teams, RingCentral, and Zoom Phone — can help agents more easily identify the right expert, understand their availability, and click to contact them. With experts at their fingertips, banking representatives can improve first contact resolution and overall customer satisfaction.

Meanwhile, you can use Five9 digital engagement solutions to help enhance omnichannel interactions. Today’s customers expect companies to maintain continuity between channels such as voice, email, SMS, webchat, video, and social messaging. With Five9, the context of each customer’s interactions follow them across all channels they use to reach out to your company — allowing you to provide extraordinary customer experiences.

Five9 has helped companies across the financial services industry improve efficiency, enable growth, and improve customer experience.

Linear Financial Technologies

Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, Linear helps make it easier for bank customers to open accounts and borrow money all while delivering an omnichannel customer experience. In doing so, they also reduce costs for their banking partners. Linear has multiple contact centers that handle about 500 calls per day.

“Now we are able to react in real time, both with the data that we have as well as making additions and changes from an administrative perspective.”

-Ryan McMahon, Linear Financial Technologies

With a high volume of daily callers, Linear found itself struggling to make real-time decisions. To solve this issue, the company turned to Five9 UC Integrations such as Zoom Phone. As a result, with one click, campaign details are displayed, and a screen appears populated with the frequent data points that customers typically seek. Financial representatives are now ready with the information they need to identify, verify, and answer a customer’s questions. With these new integrations, about 97.5% of customer interactions take place on the Five9 platform. Learn more about how Linear Integrates with Five9 and Zoom Phone.

Vibrant Credit Union

Vibrant Credit Union provides members across the United States with personal and business banking, investments, auto loans, and mortgages. Serving more than 50,000 members nationwide, Vibrant is constantly looking to improve customer experience.

“The integration with Microsoft Teams enables our front and back-office members to collaborate seamlessly utilizing the consolidated address book—helping overall from an efficiency standpoint."

-Joanie Dean, Vibrant Credit Union

With more than 26,000 calls and over 800 chats a month, Vibrant turned to Five9 UC integration with Microsoft Teams. This has allowed member-facing front-office agents to look at the consolidated Five9 and Microsoft Teams directory, identify the correct available subject-matter expert, and seamlessly conference them in. Along with this, Vibrant has a dedicated Five9 technical account manager (TAM) who provides hands-on, personalized assistance. The TAM has successfully generated specific use cases that have had a significant positive influence on Vibrant customers. Read about how Vibrant Customizes Member Experience with Five9 and Microsoft Teams.

Jackson Hewitt

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, Inc. is an innovator in the tax industry with a mission to provide its customers with access to simple, low-cost solutions to manage their taxes and tax refunds.

During tax season, its contact center scales from 50 to 250 seats to serve customers with time-sensitive tax filing and software questions. With a high volume of seats, agents found themselves struggling to adhere to schedules. To solve this issue, Jackson Hewitt implemented Five9 Workforce Management, a highly scalable and customizable solution that integrates with leading CRM providers, including Oracle and Salesforce. With this, all WFM data was easily accessible in the Five9 dashboard which made it easy for managers to better coach agents. Five9 WFM includes robust reporting features and makes it easy to export files, with handy before-and-after scenarios to show the impact of changes.

“Five9 Enterprise WFM is transforming the financial services market, enabling growth at scale which was previously unavailable.”

-Jackson Hewitt

Read how Jackson Hewitt Improves Agent Performance with Five9 Enterprise WFM.

RoundPoint Mortgage

RoundPoint Mortgage is one of the nation’s largest, fully integrated, non-bank mortgage servicing companies with offices located in Fort Mill, South Carolina and Dallas, Texas. RoundPoint had an on-premises telephony solution with a plug in that lacked features and capabilities. This included poor reporting functionality, no real-time statistics, inability to scale, and no predictive dialer.

Wanting to compete with the top mortgage service providers, RoundPoint expanded its channels of outreach by enabling Five9 chat and email functionality. Assuming that a typical day would involve no more than 50 chats, RoundPoint didn’t know what to expect at the beginning. However, the company was soon receiving over 200 chats per day and was able to effectively handle all of the interactions.

“Chat enabled us to bring something to RoundPoint that didn’t exist at the time with relatively low effort from a technology standpoint.”

-Fabian Russell, RoundPoint Mortgage

Learn more about how RoundPoint Mortgage Turns to Digital Engagement to Service Homeowners.

With a variety of solutions, Five9 can provide up-to-date solutions to help you overcome the many challenges. Find out more in the Five9 for Financial Services solution brief or explore more financial services resources on our website.

Kevork Hill
Kevork Hill Five9 Content Strategy Intern

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