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How New Agent Assist Technology Is Accelerating AI Adoption

Bailey Backal Headshot
Bailey Backal Product Marketing Manager

In 2023, the emergence of LLMs pushed AI into the mainstream. The adoption of AI became a reality because of it, allowing some of the brightest CX leaders access to new technology that allows them to be creative and innovative. This feels different than in the past when the adoption of new technology was the exclusive domain of large, US-based enterprises that had vast budgets and talent. 

AI innovation has become a major benefactor of the ever-increasing globalization of technology. This has resulted in AI becoming a game-changer in today's fast-paced world, with businesses and organizations looking to integrate AI into their operations to stay competitive.

This trend is commonly seen within the contact center industry. As found in our 2022 Customer Service Index Report, 80% of all contact centers in Europe use some form of Artificial Intelligence (AI), 13 points higher than in the US. The ability for companies of any size, industry, and region, like in Europe, to adopt new technologies has accelerated AI adoption and innovation in the contact center. It feeds a flywheel of product feedback, development, and marketplace diversity. Ultimately, it influences how contact center technology evolves to meet the needs of more companies, ultimately serving more people and resolving more use cases.

Exploring the Global Rise of AI in the Contact Center

This is especially true with the application of AI to improve an agent’s experience. Employing AI and automation to assist agents ranks as the highest priority in Italy and Spain (56%), more than 10 points higher than other countries including the US. Automation tools are making employees more productive, agent assist tools are helping contact centers deliver better customer experiences, and data analytics are providing managers with valuable insights into company trends.  And many global contact center leaders are longing for it - 91% of decision-makers in Europe agree that AI-powered agent assistance tools are critical to the success of their customer experience organization. 

How Five9 Agent Assist is Creating Robust EX for EMEA

Five9 offers our own Agent Assist technology, available for our global customers to empower their contact center agents to be more efficient and productive. Our goal is to make it as accessible and easy to use as possible so that any company can innovate on behalf of their customers. Here’s how we’re doing it today:

  • Agent Assist is available in the UK and EU. Agent Assist has extended language support for Spanish and German including transcription, AI Summaries, translated Agent UI, and translated Admin UI.

  • Five9 Agent Assist’s administrative experience has been updated to be more user-friendly and intuitive. This makes it easier for contact center managers and administrators with less technical knowledge to create and update guidance cards and rules engines and helps them identify keywords uttered during customer conversations.


  • AI Summaries supports voice calls up to about 60 minutes. This enables businesses that require high-touch interactions with their customers, such as IT Support or consulting, the ability to summarize complex conversations and upload them directly to their CRM. 

How to Get Started

With the support Five9 is now providing for companies of any size or location, we are hoping to accelerate our innovation curve for AI’s application in the agent experience. It starts with our customers, and we want to help you get started. View our interactive demo to discover how Agent Assist helps augment your agent’s abilities or read our e-book to learn about additional use cases.  

Bailey Backal Headshot
Bailey Backal Product Marketing Manager

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