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Reliability Matters

Spending Thanksgiving surrounded by loved ones isn’t the only time that matters this season – making sure your contact center is reliable and has no interruptions is of the most importance.

With 99.994% uptime, Five9 contact center software performs with less than 3 minutes of downtime per month. To offer some perspective, in terms of uptime, just 0.01% makes quite the difference. Three nines (99.9%) equates to 43 minutes of monthly downtime – that’s nearly nine hours a year. Imagine that, in a year your contact center could be down for longer than a full work day.

It’s no secret customer expectations are at an all-time high. Consumers want to communicate on their terms, when and how they want to. Consequently, the negative effect of unavailability during an outage can impact your entire business.

As customers are unable to reach agents via telephone or internet, efficiency and productivity decrease. However, the biggest harm unplanned outages may cause is a damaged reputation. Getting your systems running within a matter of seconds after an outage makes the world of difference to your brand and, most importantly, your customer. 

Customer trust and loyalty is dependent upon the availability of your contact center and agents. Knowing your contact center will be up and running without issues allows you to focus solely on your customers and their needs.

90% of consumers say that great customer service is a top factor when deciding to do business with a company. While Five9 does the heavy lifting on the back end, your agents can focus on giving customers the service they deserve.

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