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The Contact Center’s Turnkey Solution: Workforce Optimization from Five9

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Ryan McCormick WFO Sales Consulting Manager

As contact centers move into a new decade, they cannot afford to ignore emerging technologies that can help them slide past the competition. In the new world of digital transformation and cloud-based solutions, workforce optimization is a tool that contact centers have to consider to stay competitive. Why? The world of customer experience is changing. Customers want a range of communications tools at their disposal to contact your business. The world of employment has changed, as well. Contact center agents want more flexibility. Remote workforces—especially in the contact center—are more common.

What Exactly Is Workforce Optimization?

Did you know that only 33 percent of employees in the U.S. are engaged at work? Workforce optimization is a cloud-based solution that combines voice and digital channel interaction recording, quality management (QM), speech analytics, workforce management (WFM), survey and other contact center technologies to oversee contact center performance. It’s a technology that integrates data with tools that your contact center regularly uses, including KPIs, coaching, and monitoring, to ensure you’re delivering a quality of service your customers expect and you demand. Using workforce optimization, you’ll not only be able to ensure your contact center is providing the best possible customer experience, but you’ll better manage your entire staff of agents.

What’s in It for Contact Centers?

Through implementing a workforce optimization solution, contact centers can:

- Improve agent engagement

- Set performance expectations that agents are motivated to achieve

- Educate agents quickly about changes

- Manage schedules, last-minute shifts, and seasonal spikes

- Enable agents to address customer concerns through multiple channels

- And more

Five9 offers a robust workforce optimization solution that improves customer communications and maximizes agent productivity.


Quality Management. Five9 provides contact centers with omnichannel interaction capabilities. Now, your contact center can meet customers where they want to interact with your business. From web chat to email to phone, the right workforce optimization solution will provide access to all those tools. Through quality management, you can develop consistent messaging across all methods of communication and track your agents’ progress to ensure everyone is meeting company expectations.

Workforce Management. Five9 Workforce Management provides a powerful tool to strategically manage your workforce in the contact center to ensure maximum productivity while meeting the scheduling needs of your agents. In addition, Five9 WFM empowers your agents by offering options for shift bidding, requesting time off, scheduling training and tracking their adherence to schedules.

Speech Analytics. Get a window into your customers’ experiences using the most powerful, natural language processing technologies from Five9. Through speech analytics, analyzing every interaction for spoken words and phrases, conversational properties and sentiment you can improve customer satisfaction and make better decisions for your contact center. Additionally, you can automate tasks like scoring and evaluation with automated QM.

Surveying. Using surveys, you can get invaluable information about your target customers because you’ll have data at your fingertips about current customers’ experiences and needs. Surveying through the Five9 WFO solution enables you to view response rates, see fast feedback, and eliminate any misinterpretation of results and interactions.  

If you’re seeking to shoot your contact center into the next level of productivity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, Five9 is at your disposal. Our solution is designed with your contact center in mind and has helped contact centers like yours already achieve new heights. Talk to us today about readying your contact center for the future.


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Ryan McCormick WFO Sales Consulting Manager

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