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The Importance of Humanising the Customer Interaction

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Andra Marin Marketing Programs Manager - EMEA

I know you’ve heard the phrase “get into your customer’s brain” way too many times. So many times, that it actually sounds to you more like a cliché than something you’d actually be able to do.

But let’s try and get into that customer’s brain together. Let’s be our own brand’s customers for a day. How would we want to be treated? What do we expect from that interaction? We all want teeny tiny prices and flawless products, but we don’t live in a utopian world. Things break and we need help to fix or replace them. And the truth of the matter is, once we’ve actually purchased a product, the way a brand interacts with us is what draws the fine line between staying with the brand or leaving it.

With the rise of AI, having human feelings might be among the very few aspects that differentiate us from robots in the future. But it’s also the one important differentiator organisations should take into account when communicating with us. We are not robots and we are not a number in a sequence. We are humans, we have names and unique circumstances and queries, and we want to be treated as such. Technology is vital, but too much of it needs to be balanced out by meaningful human interactions, to show that we really care how our customers perceive the brand.

As consumers, we are happy we live in an era where technology can record information about us, so that we don’t have to repeat the same information or explain the same issue 5 times. But, we also expect the agent at the other end of the line to access all the information, no matter how it’s been collected – phone, chat, social – and offer a personalised, undisrupted and efficient journey throughout.

With this in mind, humanising customer interactions is becoming increasingly important. It is the way a brand talks to you that stays with you. Because it’s not what you hear, but how you felt that stays with us long term.

If you believe in the crucial role a “more human” customer interaction plays today, Five9 and Babble partnered for a webinar which will take place on February 5th at 2pm, focusing on humanising the customer interaction. We will cover:

• How disjointed processes affect experience and if this differs across sectors

• Understanding your customers’ expectations and designing an efficient journey

• Providing logical and personalised interactions through the journey

• The continued role of the agent and how truly positive experiences are achieved

Space is limited. Register today.

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Andra Marin Marketing Programs Manager - EMEA

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