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The Power of Customer Engagement Analytics with Five9 & CallMiner

Improving Contact Center Efficiency, Agent Performance, and Compliance

As you develop your customer service strategies to attract new business and maintain customer loyalty, the contact center is a strategic asset for your company. CallMiner and Five9 customers are using advanced analytics to measure interaction outcomes to ensure their contact centers are performing at a high level.

To leverage analytics, you need to integrate insights from CRM systems, call records, and other metadata with interaction information contained in phone calls, chats, and emails. Through analytics, you’ll able to quickly identify operational problems, top performing agents, customer issues, as well as uncover sales and marketing opportunities that can lead to additional revenues.

Using speech recognition, audio from recorded conversations is converted to text, providing unified data view for all types of customer interactions, enabling analysis that can be linked directly to results. You can follow a customer’s journey across all communication channels.

Call Miner’s contact analytics system analyzes and tags interactions for language patterns and measures performance indicators such as agent quality, customer satisfaction, emotion, and compliance risk. Providing direct feedback to contact center managers, supervisors, and agents with automated scoring.

CallMiner’s customer interaction analytics solution provides business intelligence and improves agent performance across all contact channels. Through analysis of customer conversations, CallMiner delivers actionable insights to contact center staff, business analysts, and executives resulting in improved sales, operational efficiency, customer experience, and regulatory compliance.

CallMiner and Five9 together provide measurable results for your contact center:

Contact Center Efficiency

Improve service levels and reduce costs of operation by leveraging analytics to efficiently route calls and program IVRs, reduce repeat calls, and optimize average handle time.

Risk & Compliance

Reduce corporate risk by automatically analyzing contacts for compliance: ensure your agents are saying the things they should say and not saying things they shouldn’t.

Sales Effectiveness

Raise top line revenue by applying the principles of automated performance management to sales focused contact centers. Discover behaviors of successful sales agents, create scores leveraging these behaviors, and provide automatic feedback and guidance directly to agents.

Customer Experience & Customer Satisfaction

Measure and improve the customer experience and customer satisfaction across 100% of your contacts to raise net promoter score, reduce customer effort, and increase customer retention.


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