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Time Consuming Customer Service is Annoying – Become The Hero

We can all agree that time consuming customer service can be annoying. Life is getting faster every day for almost everyone. This has reduced the attention span and patience of consumers, especially when it comes to calling a business due to an issue or service request, the hope is to get resolved instantly. 

So it should be every company’s mandate to serve these customers quickly, efficiently and in high quality. By doing so you see can see all the goodness that comes along with it such as increased customer loyalty, satisfaction, and brand value.

So why is it that so many companies struggle with this?

Sure, there are peak times in the day where all contact center agents are busy on the phone, helping callers with their needs. This often means that new callers are on hold until the next agent is free. As I’m sure you’ve experienced getting stuck in a waiting queue and yet this still feels like the norm.


This is annoying. We are wasting time and patience, and it certainly does not help to deliver a great customer experience.


There are so many ways to stop the frustration to your customers! If all agents are busy, don’t put new calls on hold, perfect time to offer them a callback option – for those that are willing to talk to you a bit later. A clear win-win, in my eyes.

This could mean that as soon as an agent is free, an outbound call could be initiated so that your customer can be contacted. In a more advanced situation you may offer a specific time for a callback at a time you usually expect to have more agents available. This would require a small, automated dialog on your phone system, but it’s worth it. 


While talking about automated dialogs, research shows that up to 80% of customer requests are ‘standard questions’ … use an intelligent voice bot to cover those. Another win-win. While freeing up agent resources and providing a faster service, it’s resulting in happy customers and the best brand reputation.


Technology is making it easy to become a customer service hero – NOW.

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