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Focus on Results

The Five9 Outbound Contact Center is the cloud computing platform for sales and marketing automation and lead management, so your agents and inside sales organizations can focus on one goal—increasing revenue.

Outbound Contact Center

Accelerate Sales with Automated Dialer Technology

Trump previous sales success and achieve greater efficiencies with the feature-rich predictive dialer technology delivered by the Five9 Outbound Contact Center. 

Our Predictive Dialer boosts efficiency by automating the dialing of multiple numbers per contact, tripling the amount of time your agents are productively connecting with real prospects.

Predictive, Power, Preview, & Progressive Dialing

Five9 offers multiple automated dialing solutions so your organization can choose the automation technology that aligns best with your sales environment and goals.

Cutting-Edge Web Integration to Take the Sales Lead

The speed of business in today's marketplace is continuously increasing.  If you’re not in the forefront of a sales opportunity, chances are your competitor is. 

Seize hot opportunities immediately with the Web Callback feature of the Five9 Outbound Contact Center. 

Web Callback integrates your company’s online presence with your outbound call center to generate an immediate, automated callback for online inquiries. And, with the automated agent scripting capabilities, your agents will always be on-script with a consistent conversation geared towards lead qualification and a winning sales pitch.

Succeed on the Front Line

Outbound call centers and inside sales teams need to grow business with net-new customers while upselling to existing customers. They need to find good leads, improve contact ratios, and close business—not waste time on managing leads. 

Five9 Outbound Contact Center automates lead and campaign management so you can create an automated sales funnel that accomplishes a variety of tasks.


Call your top leads within seconds of arrival, schedule the automatic import of lead lists, reach more prospects with Local Caller ID, and help ensure regulatory compliance.


Use list priorities and ratios so your agents can focus on their most qualified leads.


Automate when agents call back sales opportunities using the Disposition Timer and Redial feature.


Leverage Workflow Rules with time-of-day triggers to manage the time agents spend on campaigns—particularly ones further along in the sales conversion funnel.

TCPA Manual Touch Mode

What is TCPA?

The FTC & FCC have instituted specific telemarketing and consumer privacy regulations, in particular the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, or TCPA. The latest regulations, effective on October 2013, make specific restrictions on automated dialing and mobile phone numbers. Five9 can help you avoid costly litigation by giving the tools to stay compliant and focus on driving business results.

Partner with Five9

Regulations often leave room for interpretation and can change over time. By working with Five9 and our trusted partners, like CompliancePoint, who specialize in compliance, you can make informed decisions for your business.  Five9 also highly recommends that you engage with integrated third-party scrubbing services, like PossibleNOWGryphon, and Contact Center Compliance to ensure your lists comply with applicable “Do Not Call” requirements.  These vendors also offer specific services for mobile phone number scrubbing and consulting services, so you always have the experts on your side.

Tools You Need To Comply

Specifically designed for TCPA, the Five9 TCPA Manual Touch Mode solution cannot generate telephone numbers or store lists of numbers for auto-dialing. This means the Five9 solution requires human intervention to manually initiate the call. Furthermore, this solution is hosted in a completely separate system, with separate log-ins, administration and reporting. The bottom line, the Five9 solution removes any “capacity” to auto dial from this system. Five9 gives companies the tools they need to stay compliant and dial with confidence.

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The Five9 Outbound Contact Center is the cloud computing platform for sales automation and lead management.

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