What Can I Automate with AI?

What Can I Automate with AI?

Customers want easy access to answers and service. Sometimes automation is just the ticket. With Virtual Agent you can use the latest AI based technology to easily understand what customers want and provide it, quickly and without the use of a human agent.

Great news, investment in Artificial Intelligence from companies like Google and Five9 has expanded the scope of what can be automated and significantly reduce the effort to successfully deploy and maintain the technology.

Five9 Virtual Agent can automate common work that agents are doing today such as:

  • Appointment scheduling

  • Shipment notifications

  • More customer surveys

  • PCI complain payment collection

  • Password reset

  • Location and hours

  • Order lookups

  • Outage notifications

  • and more...    

In this blog series we will highlight specific use cases that can now be cost effectively deployed and drive a quick ROI all while delivering a more human experience to your customers.

Check out this short video to learn more about how this technology can increase your customer experience flexibility today.

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