[Live Webinar] 5 Trends in AI Innovation to Create an Intelligent Cloud Contact Center

[LIVE WEBINAR] 5 Trends in AI Innovation to Create an Intelligent Cloud Contact Center

Empowering agents with artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the customer and agent experience. By removing repetitive, mundane tasks, AI innovation will give agents the additional time they need to interact with customers’ on a human level and to personalize the customer service process.

Salesforce reports that 51% of consumers report that AI has already impacted their expectations of companies. As this digital transformation becomes the center for creating next-generation customer experiences, how do you prepare for an impending AI revolution?

In a live webinar, on November 21st  at 10 AM PT,  guest speaker Art Schoeller, VP & Principal Analyst of Forrester Research, and I will discuss the 5 key trends in AI innovation that will impact companies as they build an intelligent cloud contact center strategy.  Starting with data, businesses need strategies to ensure they are ready for the changing nature of work in the contactcenter.  Join us to learn how these 5 key trends will empower agents to create the extraordinary customer experiences that your enterprise has been waiting for. 

This webinar will cover how evolving AI Innovation: 

  • Improves agent productivity & efficiency

  • Personalizes the customer journey
  • Enhances quality assurance

  • Optimizes Workforce Management (WFM)

  • Enhances customer journey mapping

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