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Darryl Addington

[LIVE WEBINAR] 5 Trends in AI Innovation to Create an Intelligent Cloud Contact Center

Empowering agents with artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the customer and agent experience. By removing repetitive, mundane tasks, AI innovation will give agents the additional time they need to interact with customers’ on a human level and to personalize the customer service process.

Reimagining Your Contact Center to Attract the Modern Global Consumer

When I had trouble with my internet connection last week it made me wonder how those big companies were doing with their global customer service operations.

Self-Service Use Case in Action - Auto Attendant

Five9 IVA proved to be an ideal solution to help IQVIA provide a better customer experience. It was deployed for IQVIA as an auto attendant to allow customers to simply say what they were calling about. This flat menu significantly reduced the effort required from customers and resulted in a much higher percentage of correctly routed calls.

The Importance of Empowering Your Contact Center Agents

Your agents ARE your customer experience. It’s as simple as that. For customers, the agent helping them often makes or breaks their customer experience.

What Can I Automate with AI?

Customers want easy access to answers and service. Sometimes automation is just the ticket. With Virtual Assistant you can use the latest AI based technology to easily understand what customers want and provide it, quickly and without the use of a human agent.

When Is Self-Service The Answer?

Identifying if a customer inquiry is a transactional or relational interaction can help determine if a customer needs to speak to a live agent or if their query can be resolved via a self-service channel. Darryl Addington, Five9 Director of Product Marketing, explains more:

Why an Integrated Contact Center is Critical for Customer Experience

Talking about improving your customer experience is meaningless if you don’t have appropriately integrated systems and applications to deliver the experience. Your agents need contact center, CRM, WFO, and UC/collaboration integrated in order to deliver world-class customer service.

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