[Executive Webinar] - What’s Next for Customer Communications After COVID-19?

[EXECUTIVE WEBINAR] - What’s Next for Customer Communications After COVID-19?

Prior to the global pandemic, working from home was often viewed as a luxury or work perkIt has allowed employees to avoid sitting for hours in traffic and has enhanced work-life-flexibility. From the business perspectivecompanies also benefited from this “work perk” by having access to a larger talent pool and reducing real-estate costs. Thanks to cloud technology, the work environment is no longer confined to a single location.  

However, due to COVID-19, working-from-home is no longer viewed as a work perk but a requirement to keep business operating and employees safe. Cloud technologies, in the unified collaboration and contact center industry, have been the forefront of this shift 

In 2019, research predicted that by 2024, “38% of the installed of contact center agents would be in the cloud. This predicted percentage is expected to dramatically increase due to the accelerated adoption of cloud communications software, which has allowed customer service agents and employees to stay safe and thrive in the new work environment.  

As organizations look ahead to a return to normalcywhat’s next for unified collaboration and cloud communications? If employees continue to work from home, how will executives navigate remote work challenges and how will it shift customer expectations?  

In a live executive roundtable webinar, Rowan Trollope, CEO of Five9, and Eric S. Yuan, CEO of Zoom, will discuss the accelerated adoption of cloud communications and how it will change the future of our work environment.     

Join our live executive webinar to learn:  

  • Why cloud-based solutions are more relevant than ever   

  • How to successfully manage a remote workforce   

  • Tips to prepare for a new business environment   

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