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Why an Integrated Contact Center is Critical for Customer Experience

Talking about improving your customer experience is meaningless if you don’t have appropriately integrated systems and applications to deliver the experience. Your agents need contact center, CRM, WFO, and UC/collaboration integrated in order to deliver world-class customer service.

That’s why Five9 and I partnered with No Jitter and Sheila McGee Smith to identify which integrated systems have the most impact on agent performance, and how to make sure your solution is as efficient and effective as possible to support amazing customer experiences.

Below I am sharing some of the top takeaways from our session: 

The Importance of Cloud

  • On-premises contact centers can be expensive, a hassle to install and a pain to upgrade.
  • Cloud-based contact centers provide automatic updates and take on the maintenance of integrations.
  • Cloud integrations give you the resilient foundation you need to digitally transform your contact center.

The Gamification Impact and need

  • Gen Z are used to “hyper” multitasking so it can be a challenge to keep employees on track.
  • Gamification helps by making work fun and rewarding.
  • This fosters a happy work place where employees enjoy learning, and can work towards company goals.

The Future of AI

  • Getting ready for AI is a path that with its own benefits.
  • Just like AI technology attendees plans for AI in 2019 are varied.
  • Financial services and high tech are leading the pack for AI adoption.

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