Workflow Automation “Empathy at Scale” Drives Exceptional Experiences

Workflow Automation “Empathy at Scale” Drives Exceptional Experiences

In my two prior posts on an IDC Technology Spotlight paper, I discussed the impact of the 2020 pandemic on IT investment plans and the advantages of using workflow automation in the contact center. In my final post I’m discussing the concept of “empathy at scale” that the paper introduced.

IDC coined the term “empathy at scale” to describe the relationship that successful organizations need to establish with their customers. IDC further explains this concept in the paper:

“Empathy at scale emphasizes loyalty as a key in a competitive market and shows why establishing empathy at scale through technology will create lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships between customers and businesses. Every customer experience matters, and a personalized, differentiated journey is what keeps a customer loyal. Future brands will increasingly be competing for customers based on the experience they receive.”

The paper discusses how “the balance of power between an organization and its customers has shifted considerably in the past decade or so.” This balance shift means that that “no brand can survive without servicing its customers efficiently, effectively, and with empathy.” Workflow automation helps make this happen by connecting the contact center with other departments to enable servicing customers 

Beyond a single view and in isolation.

In addition to helping to driving customer empathy, workflow automation will deliver the additional business benefits:

  • Technical cost economies and efficiencies - by streamlining and automating interactions between processes and removing humans as facilitators.

  • Enriched customer insights - by combining information from the contact center with other business systems.

  • Enhanced customer experiences - by using those insights and interacting with customers in a manner that meets or exceeds their expectations.

Read the full paper to learn more about how workflow automation in the contact center can help your business deliver “empathy at scale” and drive exceptional customer experiences.

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