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Brian Spraetz

5 Workforce Optimization Mistakes to Avoid

Workforce optimization (WFO) can deliver significant operational benefits to the contact center. There are some common mistakes, however, when rolling out a WFO solution that can weaken or make it difficult to obtain full benefit. Here are five of them:

Create a Culture of Continuous Improvement with Gamification

Continuously increasing efficiency in the call center can be a challenge. Consistent efficiency improvement can be obtained with a magic trick – the magic of competition.

How to Keep a Remote Contact Center Engaged and Productive

Now more than ever, companies are adapting or preparing their call centers to go remote. Many who explore this new territory are finding unexpected benefits of having a remote workforce, like cost savings, better employee schedule adherence, and broader talent acquisition.

IT 2021 Planning - What Technologies are IT Leaders Looking to Invest in?

As I say “good bye” (and “good riddance) to 2020 I was wondering how the business impact of the pandemic will affect IT spending strategies in the coming year.

See How Much Workforce Optimization (WFO) Could Save You in 10 Minutes

Deploying Workforce Optimization into your contact center can deliver significant improvements in agent efficiency and performance resulting in happier agents and more satisfied customers. Learn how our WFO calculator can help benefit your contact center operations:

Supercharge Your Contact Center with Workflow Automation

Call centers are filled with processes. I call them their life blood, since I doubt a contact center could even work without them. Unfortunately, many of these processes are labor intensive. Fortunately, emerging workflow automation technology offers an opportunity to transform the contact center operation into a smooth running, less process intensive machine.

What Does Workforce Optimization Mean?

We make optimization decisions every day without realizing it. Do I buy the lower cost store brand or the higher cost name brand? Given my shopping list, what’s the quickest route through the store to get everything on it?

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