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An ESL Resource Guide For Students

Become proficient in English with these tips and tricks

Learning any new language is challenging, but learning English is especially hard. You'll often come across words that are spelled or pronounced in ways that don't make sense and there are many puzzling grammar rules that might be nothing like your native language. Some of these issues are so confusing that even native speakers often get mixed up! When you get frustrated, remember that learning English is worth the hard work. Understanding English will let you communicate with new friends, open new doors in education, and even improve your career prospects. While may seem overwhelming, you'll be a fluent English speaker before you know it if you're determined to learn!

There are several core English topics ESL students must study in order to become proficient at writing, speaking, and understanding English. You'll want to practice: grammar, vocabulary, spelling, reading and listening, writing, and common English phrases. While this seems like a lot of topics, it's important to practice everything from grammar to slang if you hope to become comfortable using English in different settings. Some topics will help you with formal writing like school papers or business communications while others will help you during conversations or when watching English language television.

Learning the rules of grammar will give you a clear understanding of proper English syntax. This is particularly important as you become an advanced student working towards complete fluency. You will also use these grammar rules to build your writing skills. Similarly, learning new vocabulary words and spelling rules will help you express yourself in both writing and speech.

While learning about grammar, vocabulary, and writing rules will help you learn the technical rules of English, it's also important to build your comprehension and conversational skills. Practicing your reading skills will help you incorporate all of the technical rules while improving your comprehension skills as you see words and sentence structure in context. Listening activities also help you put things in context as you hear how words are actually pronounced and how grammatically correct sentences should sound in a conversation.

Another way to improve your fluency is learning common English phrases. English is full of idiomatic old sayings and slang that sound crazy to ESL students who are only familiar with the literal meaning of the words. Learning the real meaning of these phrases will help clear up the confusion caused by these figures of speech. Not only that, incorporating these common phrases into your own speech will help you sound more like a native speaker in no time at all!

Studying English as a second language can be incredibly rewarding. Just make sure you have the right tools and study materials for making learning fun. There are lots of great online resources that can help you improve your English skills while keeping studying engaging. These resources will help you learn new English concepts with lessons tailored just for ESL students. These useful resources cover typical mistakes that people make when learning English as well as helpful tips and ways to remember all of these new language rules. You can practice everything from following along with conversations to improving your reading skills. You can even practice English skills through games and quizzes. These activities test your knowledge of grammar rules, punctuation, vocabulary, and spelling through interactive activities. There are also in-depth study guides and test prep materials available for more advanced ESL students.

Here are a few exercises, games, and study guides that will help you become proficient in English:



Reading & Listening



Common English Phrases

Study Guides


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