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Part 2: Three Tips to Increase Efficiency with a Unified Communications Integration

Customer expectations are higher than ever. According to a Salesforce report, 84 percent of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services. In last week’s blog post, I discussed how UC is helping bridge the gap between contact center agents and subject matter experts. Now that you understand the integration, what’s next? How can your business benefit and use a UC integration to increase efficiency?  

Let’s take a look at 3 tips to help increase efficiency throughout your contact center:   

  1. Enabling Real-Time Collaboration 

As products and services become more complex, so do the questions that come along with it. Customers are contacting your business and are expecting answers. However, agents do not necessarily have all those answers. For more complex issues, knowledge base articles can only help so much and can lead to agents reading while the customer waits in awkward silence.  

 The answer? Agent-Expert Consultation.   

Agents are enabled with access to subject matter experts in real time to help answer those complex questions from customers. Provide your agents with the help they need from experts within the organization to relieve the pressure they feel to quickly resolve a customer’s issue on their own. Empowering them with the technology they need to engage an expert means they don’t have to have all the right answers and won’t be afraid to collaborate as a collective organization. 

  1. Enhancing the Address Book 

Agents now have access to experts, but what good is it if they can’t find the right expert? Through the Five9 UC Integration, agents not only see contacts in a single consolidated directory, but also grouped by department. Instead of agents searching through the whole directory, which in many companies is hundreds if not thousands of employees, agents can easily search using the department filters. Agents can apply the filter for the particular department they are looking for and see the presence (availability) of each expert.   

  1. Education for Your Agent  

Agents are the front door to your business but are not always in the position where they know or have the right answers off hand. That’s where agents utilizing an expert can help improve the knowledge of your agents but also knowledge base articles. For example, an agent received a call about a new product the company just released. The agent looks into their knowledge base articles and cannot find any information as the product is so new. The agent quickly finds the right expert and conferences them in to help with this new product question. As the contact center is not equipped with the product being so new, the agent listens in to further understand the details. The agent now has the knowledge learned from the expert to help create a new knowledge base article for the other contact center agents to benefit from. Instead of transferring to the expert over and over, the issue is now able to be resolved within the contact center – decreasing call handle times.  

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