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Julian Tiongson

Part 2: Three Tips to Increase Efficiency with a Unified Communications Integration

Welcome to Part 2 in the Five9 UC Integration blog series! In this installment, we discuss moving forward with UC integration. What's next? How can your business benefit and use a UC integration to increase efficiency? Read on!

Part 4: Three Trends Driving the Push for UC Integration

As we’re in another year of uncertainty, let’s take a look at three of the top trends that have been driving businesses to incorporate UC integration.

Part 5: Three UC Integration Mistakes to Avoid When Looking for a Solution

As you search for technology to help shape your business into the “new normal,” there are a few things you need to understand before making the change. Here are three mistakes you should avoid when it comes to a UC integration solution...

5 Accredited Partner Applications Powered by Five9 VoiceStream to Help Deliver Results

Last month, we shared an introduction to Five9 VoiceStream and how it can help you reimagine the contact center experience. In this post, we will dive deeper into five accredited partner applications that are powered by Five9 VoiceStream.

Part 1: Bridging the Gap Between Contact Center Agents and Subject Matter Experts

This blog is Part 1 of the Five9 UC Integration blog series. Read this blogpost to see how Five9 UC Integration comes into play to bridge the gap between contact center agents and subject matter experts in real time.

Five9 Continues to Expand Unified Communications efforts becoming a Certified Microsoft Teams Solutions for Contact Centers

The world of Unified Communications continues to be in high demand with employees working from anywhere and businesses adapting to this new style of work. Five9 has seen a surge in need for Microsoft Teams to integrate with the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center, and we have worked extremely hard to ensure we meet that demand for our customers.

Part 6: How PAR Technology Continues to Drive Efficiency and Deliver Superior CX with UC Integration

This past year has been challenging for many and the challenge arose for PAR to enable its agents to work from anywhere. Moving to a cloud-based solution with Five9 and Zoom Phone allowed just that and provided more flexibility with integration across the board.

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