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Rowan Trollope

AI and the Future of the Contact Center

Today’s modern contact center has a broader, more strategic role; namely to provide stellar customer experiences, drive up customer loyalty and increase revenue.

Zoom to Acquire Five9 and Build the Customer Engagement Platform of the Future

Rowan Trollope, Five9 CEO, states, "I believe the combination of Zoom and Five9 will be a game changer. Joining forces will create a transformative opportunity for two strong companies with complementary capabilities and shared values." More regarding the news that Five9 has entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by Zoom in this blog post...

Five9 to Continue to Disrupt Markets and Transform Customer Engagement as a Standalone Company

Five9 announces that they will not be moving forward with proposed acquisition by Zoom.

Why You Should Focus on Your Customers, Not Your Competition

Customer service has quickly become a major company differentiator as a result of changing customer behaviors during the pandemic. How does a company best approach successfully navigating this change?

Five Levels of Contact Center Agent Augmentation

The evolution of the contact center will likely be similar to other industries where AI is automating manual activities like self-driving cars.

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