Why Brands Don't Respond on Social Media

brandssocialmediaRichard Dumas, director of product and solutions marketing at Five9, shared his thoughts on why brands aren't responding to customers on social media. Read the full article on SocialTimes here. If you've ever used social media to ask a question, look for information or vent your frustration about a product or service, you may have wondered why your post was met with silence. Maybe another consumer responded with a suggestion, but where was the brand that was the subject of your ire? Why didn't they reach out to help solve your problem? Given that so many people now use social media to discuss products and services, why aren't brands tripping over themselves to offer help? Companies clearly recognize the marketing opportunity that social media provides, yet most seem to be focused on relentlessly posting messages touting the virtues of their products, while very few have mastered the art of responding during the moments that matter most to consumers. A February 2014 study that Five9 conducted with the International Customer Research Institute (ICMI) revealed that while more than 68 percent of businesses recognize social media as a necessary service channel, 60 percent of companies are not formally supporting social customer care. << Tweet This Stat There are many reasons that brands often fall mute at some of the most critical moments in their relationship with their customers and prospects, see the full article on SocialTimes to read some of the most prevalent reasons why.

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