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Five9 Expands Global Network Connections with the Equinix Fabric Partnership

Five9 is excited to announce our latest addition to the list of supported IPConnect options – our partnership with the Equinix Fabric. Customers throughout Europe who are leveraging the Equinix Fabric can now connect to the Five9 London and Amsterdam Edge locations. These customers now have the flexibility to connect to the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center directly over the internet, or chose from multiple IPConnect options supported by Five9, including the Equinix Fabric. In addition to these locations, Five9 plans to expand to support existing Equinix Fabric customers around the globe.   

This partnership provides many benefits for existing Equinix customers whose equipment already resides in Equinix data centers. By choosing to connect to Five9 via the Equinix Fabric, customers throughout Europe can enjoy high quality voice calls while reducing latency. Let’s look at a few key benefits of the Equinix Fabric and Five9.  

Data Isolation  

The Equinix Fabric gives customers the ability to logically separate voice traffic. The carried voice signaling and media from the customer’s private network travels through the Equinix Fabric to the Five9 Edge. This data isolation gives customers an additional layer of security since it allows customers to route voice calls without traversing the open internet.  

Dedicated Bandwidth  

Each Equinix Fabric subscription is provisioned using the Equinix portal, which has a defined bandwidth that is dedicated to that customer’s subscription. Also, each Equinix Fabric subscription includes SLAs provided by Equinix. With Five9 and the Equinix Fabric, customers have private, dedicated, and redundant network connections. This partnership enables a high quality of service for the highest possible voice quality experience.  


The Equinix Fabric also provides data rate bursting, on a best effort basis, capped at 3X their purchased bandwidth per Fabric subscription. Customers leveraging Five9 and the Equinix Fabric gain more flexibility in terms of data rate.  

Want to learn more about how you can start leveraging Five9 and the Equinix Fabric? Check out the Equinix Fabric Feature Description here to get started. 

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