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Five9 Global Partner Program: A Community Worth Celebrating

Jess Shea
Jess Shea ISV Partner Manager

When I think about the Five9 Global Partner Program, the partners who make it a reality, and the tremendous successes we have shared over the past few years, I think of one thing: a strong community. In my five and a half tenure with Five9, I’ve observed not only tremendous growth for the company, but have had the pleasure of bearing witness to a dynamic, diverse, and dedicated community of individuals who know how to work together in a very fulfilling way. The number of partners-turned-friends are countless and the experiences we share are what make this program so unique. 

2022 was no exception to the ever-evolving nature of our partner program. From North America to Canada, EMEA, Latin America, Germany and beyond, partners across the globe have been an integral part of the Five9 program and our community continues to grow stronger than ever. When I think back on the program and our partner community this year, a few highlights come to mind. 

This year, we kicked things off with the annual Five9 Global Partner Awards, recognizing top partners’ successes and how they amplify and accelerate our ability to deliver for our mutual customers. This is one of the most exciting parts of our year because we get the chance to celebrate our community, from partners of the year to breakthrough successes. It’s definitely a highlight. 

In the Spring, Five9 hosted our first in person Partner Advisory Board Annual Meeting (PAB), in which 20 of the top Global Systems Integrators and Channel partners participated in a three-day summit to consult and collaborate with Five9 to help us make our partner program better and help us mutually drive for greater success together. Throughout the summit, our partners delivered. The interest and feedback was excellent and more importantly, actionable. Thanks to the cooperation of partners on our PAB, we can use these insights to better understand what will enable partners like them to be successful moving forward. I cannot wait to see the fruits of these labors and really show partners how we differ from the rest. 

When it comes to partner enablement, we listened and this summer, we launched our  on-demand  Partner Sales Certification and badge program. The enthusiastic interest and enrollment was confirmation on our partners interest and commitment. Partners from every corner of the Five9 ecosystem took the certification and to date. We had over 1,400 registrations and we have  certified over 600 individuals. Positive feedback from partners included a 94 NPS! In 2023 we will be rolling out the new Five9 University for partners including advanced certifications to build on the already stellar knowledge they acquired.  

Though we had lots of it, one of the most fun had this year towards the end of summer during the entirety of our annual Five9 CX Summit And if you were there, you know what I am talking about. After a tumultuous journey through a global pandemic, virtual conferences and events, and fear and unease around whether we would ever get back to the way things were, 2022 marked the return of our user group and it did not disappoint.  

Partners from over 40 organizations sponsored and attended Five9 CX Summit, surpassing previous years significantly.  With a greater focus on hands-on experience per the request of our customers, partners had a unique opportunity to engage and teach users the value of their integrations, how and when to work with them, and why consulting with a Five9 partner will set customers up for success. Whether taking part in keynotes, demos, or the first ever Five9 CX Hub, partners showed up in droves and made the conference one for the books.  

These highlights are just a handful of things that made for a busy, successful, and memorable year, and it really came down to the strength of our partner community. We are better and stronger together with our partners. Whether it is the lightheartedness of getting together to network at a regional event, the focus of advising Five9 on how to become the best vendor it can, or the determination it takes to become a certified partner, the bottom line of it all is a sense of collective purpose—a community that grows organically, is ever changing, and a remarkable thing to be a part of. Five9 has been able to share its renowned culture with its partners through powerful engagements, leadership, and moments of trust—and somehow it feels like we’re just getting started. 

Maybe it’s the ooey gooey feeling of the holiday season we’re in the thick of, but I feel so grateful for the partners I get the pleasure of working with each day. It’s the sense of putting effort into a greater purpose and all the while really enjoying it that really makes it worthwhile. So, thank you to our partners. We wish you a fantastic end of the year and cheers to more successes in the next.  

Happy holidays to you and yours.  

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Jess Shea
Jess Shea ISV Partner Manager

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