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Five9 Introduces Powerful New Features Amplifying Digital Engagement, the IVA Experience, and Empowering Administrators with Unified Self-Service

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Sarika Prasad Senior Product Marketing Manager

Delivering seamless and fluid customer interactions is more crucial than ever. In fact, a recent 2023 ACA study revealed that 69% of Americans consider convenient customer service experiences as a key factor in their decision to return to a brand or company. To ensure customer retention and loyalty, businesses must prioritize hassle-free, frictionless experiences. 

To meet these customer needs, Five9 is excited to announce a range of powerful features, that are offered to empower businesses to deliver exceptional service and drive customer satisfaction. Our suite of enhancements covers various categories, catering to the diverse needs of modern contact centers. Let's dive into these innovations.

Drive Proactive and Fluid customer experiences with Enhanced Digital Engagement

According to Gartner, by 2025, proactive customer engagement interactions will outnumber reactive interactions. Traditionally, customer engagement has been reactive, leading to high customer effort and limitations in self-service effectiveness. However, companies are realizing the importance of personalized, proactive conversations as this presents a significant opportunity for cost optimization, reduced call volumes, increased engagement, and enhanced customer appreciation.

With Five9 Broadcast SMS, companies can effortlessly send bulk SMS messages to a list of contacts, streamlining your outreach efforts and enabling proactive outreach. Our global reach for outbound SMS now spans 180 countries, making outbound communication hassle-free and cost-effective, connecting to customers worldwide. Read more about Five9 SMS capabilities.

Take Charge of Compliance and Industry Standards with 10DLC Registration

Five9’s 10DLC Registration feature addresses the recent policy changes by US mobile carriers, ensuring your SMS-enabled numbers undergo the necessary verification and registration process. Non-verified numbers pose a higher risk of being flagged as spam, leading to potential deactivation or blacklisting by third-party carriers. 

Now, Five9 customers can effortlessly manage 10DLC and brand registration via our user-friendly admin console. By offering a user-friendly registration process and simplifying campaign setup, we empower you to comply with regulations, mitigate spam risks, avoid message blocks, and efficiently manage your SMS campaigns. This streamlined approach simplifies the compliance procedure, saving you time and effort.

Safeguard Phone Number Reputation and Calling Identity with Number Reputation Management 

In 2022, Numeracle identified that an average of 25% of a business's phone calls are typically at risk of being improperly labeled with tags like Spam, Scam, or Fraud. Five9 now offers a new Number Reputation Management capability. This feature helps safeguard the reputation of your phone numbers and ensures protection against call blocking and automated remediation for labeled numbers.

This new feature expands the Five9 trust solution suite and enhances the experience and success rate for outbound calling. We establish your status as a verified identity and register your phone numbers with Five9, ensuring protection against call blocking. Moreover, our continuous monitoring ensures your numbers remain clean and free from potential issues. 

An Energy company that is a customer of Five9, realized a 25% lift in final answer rate and a 300% lift in customer connect after the remediation process with Five9 Number Reputation Management. 

Increase Automation with Improved IVA Experience 

We continue to enhance the Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) to deliver an improved self-service experience. Over the past quarter, we released new features that provide support to identify up to three spoken languages in our Google Cloud Speech to Text Node. IVA Speech Enabled Payments streamlines the payment process, offering usability and accessibility through voice input. Companies can now capture caller inputs in multiple languages with precision using Dialogflow CX for Real-Time Transcription, ensuring accurate and efficient language processing. We have also enhanced transcription accuracy and flexibility with N-Best Match for Google. 

Learn more about the Five9 IVA enhancements.

Streamline Number Management with Unified Numbers Self Service 

Manage and self-service your phone numbers effortlessly with Five9’s user-friendly Admin Console, streamlining your number management process and taking control of your phone numbers with ease and efficiency. Experience a unified and seamless solution with our Admin Console, empowering you to effortlessly view, manage, and self-service your Five9 numbers.   

With this capability, contact centers gain complete visibility and control over your numbers inventory, with a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily navigate and access the information you need. Sort and filter your numbers based on specific criteria, ensuring efficient organization and quick retrieval. And for added convenience, export your numbers inventory, enabling seamless transfer to other systems. Streamline your number management process and take control of your numbers with ease and efficiency. 

Reach out to us at for more information. 


Sarika Headshot
Sarika Prasad Senior Product Marketing Manager

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