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Optimizing Automation with Improved Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent Experiences

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Sarika Prasad Senior Product Marketing Manager

A recent 2023 ACA study revealed that 70% of Americans in 2023 use self-service tools to answer questions or handle issues before contacting a live customer service agent. Moreover, 43% of customers prefer using digital self-service options over a live human agent when they need customer support or have questions. Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) helps companies automate interactions powered by the most advanced AI technologies. It helps brands deploy self-service support that delivers a more conversational and fluid experience across voice and digital channels.  

At Five9, we continue to enhance our IVA service to deliver an improved self-service experience. Over the past quarter, we’ve released new features that support Automatic Language Detection, Speech Enabled Payments, Dialogflow CX for Voice, and more. 

Reduced Abandoned Calls: The Impact of Five9 IVAs on Customer Experience 

Before we dive into these new features, it's important to highlight some data from our recent internal analysis to reveal an interesting trend. Five9 customers leveraging IVAs experience significantly fewer monthly abandoned calls than those without IVA. Here is a graph that shows the data from two sets of companies. 

fewer abandoned calls

On the right side is a group of companies that have implemented an IVA (Intelligent Virtual Agent) in their customer experience program. On the left side, you see another group of companies that have not yet implemented an IVA. Each dot represents one month per customer, showcasing the Abandonment Rate % by Total Calls Received. Most companies utilizing IVAs reside in the desirable zone of lower abandonment rates. 

The superior results for companies with IVAs can be attributed to their ability to maintain service levels despite monthly variations in calls, staffing changes, or unexpected spikes due to factors like new marketing promotions, government regulations, or seasonality. Even with minor fluctuations in call volumes, some customers experienced significant swings in their service levels. However, companies with IVAs were able to more efficiently handle call surges, ensuring consistent and satisfactory customer support. 

The Latest Advancements in Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agents

Automatic Language Detection  

With automatic language detection, our Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVAs) now identify up to three spoken languages in our Google Cloud Speech-to-Text node. We have expanded our capabilities to meet the growing demands of our customers in Europe, where a diverse range of languages is spoken. Our IVAs are equipped to understand the language spoken by the caller, allowing for seamless communication and responses in the appropriate language.   

Elevate your customer experience by providing multilingual support with Five9 IVAs. Break language barriers, enhance customer satisfaction, and ensure effective communication across diverse markets. Five9 IVA enables you to serve more customers across global geographies with a vast array of language support for natural language processing, speech recognition, and text-to-speech capabilities. Five9 IVA can easily understand customers in more than 130 languages. Select from more than 50 languages and hundreds of voices to deliver lifelike, engaging self-service experiences. The Five9 Virtual Voiceover feature includes a library of 25 voice avatars built from advanced synthetic text-to-speech technology.    

IVA Speech-Enabled Payments

The IVA Speech Enabled Payments feature allows users to process payments using voice input. This feature on IVA Studio 6 ensures usability and compliance with disability requirements, offering convenience and accessibility for all users. Simplify payment processes and enhance user experience with voice-enabled payments.  

Dialogflow CX for Speech for Real-time Transcription

Seamlessly connect to a powerful natural language processing (NLP) engine, extracting JSON name-value pairs of interest. With real-time language transcription, Studio Open Forms captures caller inputs naturally and intuitively, supporting multiple languages. 

Experience the power of accurate and efficient language processing, enabling streamlined interactions and superior customer experiences. Unlock the potential of Open Forms to improve communication and maximize transcription accuracy.  

N-Best Match for Google   

The N-Best Match feature for Google transcription enhances the accuracy and flexibility of your transcriptions. With the Cloud STT Node, you can now access alternative transcriptions by setting the maximum number of alternatives. The response is provided as a JSON object, allowing seamless integration with other nodes, such as the Variable node. Our improved user interface displays a breakdown of the JSON object's additional information array, enabling easy evaluation of transcription and confidence information. Experience improved transcription accuracy and enhanced usability with our N-Best Match feature.  

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Sarika Prasad Senior Product Marketing Manager

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