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Sarika Prasad


CCaaS Services Checklist: 7 Must-Ask Questions to Evaluate a Provider

Customer experience (CX) is mission-critical to any business. So, selecting the right contact center partner can be a daunting task. Companies spend a lot of time doing due diligence on the feature requirements and which vendor can meet their unique needs.
AI and Human superimposed

Unlock the Next Level of Agent Productivity with Generative AI Summary on Five9 Agent Assist

It's hard to keep up with all the buzz around Generative AI and how it's set to transform the business landscape. It's been a hot topic of discussion in 2023, and many of us are curious about this technology's practical applications and viability in the contact center. 


Break Down Data Silos and Drive Fluid Customer Experiences with Five9 Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation enables companies to seamlessly connect disparate systems, aggregate information, and trigger cross-platform workflows, making CX more fluid.
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Five9 Introduces Powerful New Features Amplifying Digital Engagement, the IVA Experience, and Empowering Administrators with Unified Self-Service

Five9 is excited to announce a range of powerful features, that are offered to empower businesses to deliver exceptional service and drive customer satisfaction. Our suite of enhancements covers various categories, catering to the diverse needs of modern contact centers. Let's dive into these innovations.
enhanced iva

Optimizing Automation with Improved Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent Experiences

We continue to enhance our IVA service to deliver an improved self-service experience. Over the past quarter, we’ve released new features that support Automatic Language Detection, Speech Enabled Payments, Dialogflow CX for Voice, and more.

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