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HHM: A Celebration with Food and Family

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Alondra Mendoza Social Marketing Coordinator

Every year from September 15th through October 15th, National Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated by recognizing the histories, cultures, and achievements of Hispanic Americans whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. This Hispanic Heritage Month, we encourage you to learn more about this national celebration and join us in celebrating our Hispanic American employees, how they celebrate, and what favorite recipe carries THEIR story.  

tortillas“I think I'd have to pick a staple -- flour tortillas. I treasure the memory of my grandmother making them by hand. There's nothing like a warm one right off the stove; the feel and smell is heavenly! This year, I am focusing on treasuring my family, giving back to the community, and learning and reflecting on our history.”  
Michaela Lichtinger, Executive Operations Manager 

Enchiladas Verdes"My favorite dish to make is green enchiladas. They are a lot of work but they turn out totally yummy! For Hispanic Heritage Month,
I will go over to my parent's house and bring my famous green enchiladas to share with my parents and siblings. After dinner, we will play La Loteria. My dad said that my grandfather was "the caller" of La Loteria in his little village in New Mexico (Santa Rita del Cobre). Adults in the village would play on Saturday nights and it was a big social event." 
Petra Camacho, Commercial Account Manager 

Micheladas“I will be celebrating this month with a few micheladas, pupusas and toasting all my Hispanics in the world. Special shouts to my very own from El Salvador and Mexico!” 
Fernando Hernandez, EUS Project Administrator  


empanadas“My favorite recipe is empanadas de pino. This Hispanic Heritage month, I would love to teach my 2yr old son about the importance of his culture. He’s only 2, but I believe teaching him young will instill the value of where his family comes from and the sacrifices, they made to make sure generations had a better life. We will spend each week picking an element of his heritage and making it into a fun game or try a new dish from 1 of his 3 Latino heritages.” 
Kristina Galvis, Senior Designer, Creative Services 

chili verde
“I love chile verde. This year we are celebrating in Los Angeles at a Mana Concert.”  Zaida Himes, Executive Assistant 


Are you a Hispanic American? We would love to know how you celebrate! Find us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and let us know!  
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Alondra Mendoza Social Marketing Coordinator

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