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How Five9 wins with Sandler

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Mikaela Adolphus Partner Marketing Manager, Channel Partners

A major retailer was looking to improve the experience for its customers and realized its existing on-premises solution couldn’t deliver. Ranking in the top 20 on the Fortune 500 list, the retailer operates two dozen grocery brands in 35 states, while operating 34 manufacturing and 44 distribution locations. The retailer knew the project would have a major impact across its massive customer base, so it was critical that it find and implement the right solution. 

To manage its operations, half the company’s 1,000+ contact center agents handled incoming calls from customers, vendors, employees, job applicants, and stores for functional support. The other half supported its pharmaceutical business, including a nationwide clinical pharmacy dedicated to serving patients with chronic illnesses that require complex care.  

At the time of the technology refresh, the retailer’s Avaya platform had become challenging to manage and was reaching its end of life. The customer needed to add functionality that would ultimately improve CX and knew they could not accomplish that with Avaya. Elements of the digital transformation included: 

  • Improving their analytics to make sense of high-volume data 

  • Centralizing disparate systems that had created disjointed information 

  • Implementing technology that could provide self-service options alongside IBM Watson while improving deliverables to agents.  

This was no small feat.  

Choosing a Technology Partner 

Five9 knew it had a job to do. The team differentiated itself from being “just another RFP responder” to demonstrate Five9 a true thought leader and business partner. Too many retailers are slow to upgrade their on-premises solution and cannot afford to take a chance on who they work with during this process. With a methodic Liftoff to the cloud program, Five9 was able to quickly move this retailer from its antiquated, premises-based solution to the cloud. Sandler Partners played a vital role in every stage by providing exceptional technology consulting throughout the entire journey. 

Through a two-week discovery process, including read back sessions, going over the specific retailer needs, and demos of how the solutions would solve the business pain points, the retail company had a full understanding of how updating its solution into the cloud with Five9 and Sandler would improve their contact center needs.  

Seeing the Results 

With Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) and natural language call steering, the retailer is now fulfilling a totally reimagined customer experience that aligns with its brand initiatives. This saves time and aggravation for callers by connecting them to an agent more quickly while helping the retailer by reducing call abandonment and increasing call deflection by offering self-service options.  

To maximize agent performance, the retailer implemented the entire Five9 Workforce Optimization (WFO) offering. The Speech Analytics features allow them to identify why customers are calling and focus training efforts on those areas of the business, making agents even more effective.  

Five9 and Sandler 

"At Five9, our partners are an extension of our strategies and our culture. We believe partner experience through partners like Sandler Partners has the exponential effect to deliver these capabilities at full market scale," said Jake Butterbaugh, SVP, Global Partners at Five9.  

Five9 and Sandler Partners have a six-year partnership of working together to generate leads, leveraging the partnership to attract new business, such as this retailer, allowing businesses to save money with a reliable solution from Five9.  We appreciate the partnership built on trust.  

We thank Sandler Partners for continuing to trust and lead our partnership. The strength of our partnership combined with our prioritization of your needs has contributed to our ongoing success.  

Learn More 

Find out more about the Five9 Partner programs and how we work with companies like Sandler Partners meet your business needs. Explore more case studies to see how organizations worldwide are meeting their business goals with Five9 technology. 

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Mikaela Adolphus Partner Marketing Manager, Channel Partners

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