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Mikaela Adolphus

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First-Gen Stories: Your Story Does Not Start or End with College

I was first-gen in multiple ways for my family: the first one to graduate from college, to obtain a full scholarship and compete at a Division One collegiate program; the first of my family to co-found and run a non-profit immediately after under-grad; and the first to work in tech. With all these firsts, one of my major takeaways lies in the journey to college.
Five9 pride

How the Rainbow Became a Symbol for Pride – and Why it Matters

Show your support during Pride Month by committing time to understanding those in the community and how to be better allies.
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How Five9 wins with Sandler

Learn from our retail case study how our strong partnership with Sandler Partners has helped us continue to win in the enterprise space.
Channel Partners blog

All In with our Partners at Channel Connect Nashville

Leaning into partner relationships yields meaningful connections and increased opportunities to win together.  Learn more about our Five9 Partner Program today!
Diversity program

How Five9 Partnerships Help Create Equity

Five9 and Intelisys work together to elevate equity in our industry via the Intelisys Diversity Partner Program.
Five9 Pride 2023

Unpacking the Rainbow Symbol of Pride: Why it Matters

Every June, the LGBTQ+ community and allies celebrate Pride Month, and, in recent years, we have seen a substantial increase in companies showing their support by incorporating the rainbow flag as part of their logos and/or products. Today, it’s vital to not only show pride in our actions but also through education and awareness.

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