How to Increase Efficiency and Quality with Call Recording and Monitoring

Recording interactions is the first step toward helping agents become more efficient and deliver higher quality interactions. Recordings can be used for coaching sessions with agents... for training new agents... for transitioning a current agent to a new role or program... and overall, call recording can provide the basis for analyzing interactions to learn what works best. TIP: For voice interactions, it's also worthwhile to capture screen information used or generated during the interaction. Whether you record certain types of interactions based on your own set of business rules, or simply capture interactions randomly, you'll want to be equipped with recorded calls in order to:

  • Evaluate and enhance the customer experience
  • Identify agent coaching and training needs
  • Track both efficiency and quality

What to listen (or look) for in a recorded transaction:

  • Did the agent follow company guidelines and policies?
  • Did the agent comply with regulatory and legal requirements?
  • Were sales transactions completed properly and securely?
  • Were customer issues understood and resolved?

Coach and train more effectively and efficiently. Use reports to identify KPIs and set benchmarks for your agents and teams--ones that reflect your business goals. Then, monitor interactions. When a team or an agent strays out of bounds, KPI-wise, take corrective action. Too many shortfalls? Re-evaluate the KPIs, benchmark values, or both--or find a way to better enable your agents. Analyze, adjust, optimize, repeat. Remember--an interaction often involves non-communication agent tasks. When looking for ways to make interactions more effective, use the screen and keystroke data you've captured as part of your analysis. You may uncover training opportunities to help agents use your CRM or other agent tools with fewer keystrokes. You may even decide to adjust your model interactions to reflect the strengths or shortfalls of desktop tools your agents use. Looking for more? Learn how to optimize agent performance -- Get the FREE AGENT EFFICIENCY EBOOK now: otpimize agent

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