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How Zendesk Sell and Five9 Fuel Frictionless Sales Cycles

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Natalie Mackay Product Marketing Manager

Five9 is excited to announce our latest enhancement to the Five9 and Zendesk partnership: the Five9 and Zendesk Sell integration. With so many working in a hybrid or completely remote environment, sales reps face more distractions. Balancing work and home can make it easy to miss important parts of the sales process, causing friction in the sales cycle. Zendesk Sell works seamlessly within the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center to eliminate the friction from deal updates so reps and management are always able to access, analyze, and collaborate on relevant deal data.   

Let’s explore a few ways the Five9 and Zendesk Sell integration helps fuel efficient sales cycles for reps, no matter where they’re working from.  

Outbound dialing capabilities and sales data for effective outbound calling campaigns 

Executing outbound calling takes a lot of time. From researching prospects to collecting their information into a list, the process of setting up an outbound calling campaign can be tedious. Not to mention, once a rep has a list, they can spend unnecessary time switching back and forth from their phone provider to their CRM to place outbound calls. The Five9 and Zendesk Sell integration provides sales reps with complex outbound dialing capabilities like power, preview, predictive, and progressive dialing. Five9 also adheres to STIR/SHAKEN requirements, compliance laws, and FCC regulations to digitally sign phone calls to prevent illegal robocalling and illegal number spoofing. With these robust, compliant outbound dialing capabilities, sales reps can spend more time connecting with prospects than manually dialing contacts.  

Did you know that with the integration of Zendesk Sell and Five9 you can create specific, outbound calling lists? Let’s say you have several contacts who mentioned they will have budget and time to evaluate your solution a couple quarters from now. Simply customize a Smart List in Zendesk Sell to create a list of contacts to reach out to when the timing is right. This way, sales reps use accurate sales data to follow up at the right time and ultimately create shorter sales cycles.  

Prospect or customer context at your fingertips 

Depending on the structure of your sales organization, sales reps might be handling inbound and outbound calls at the same time. This can be challenging for the sales rep to stay organized. They might be conducting prospect research to create a list of contacts to call when an inbound call comes in unexpectedly. With other CRM systems and telephony software, sales reps might not see who the inbound caller is, or they might have to spend unnecessary time on the call simply searching for the caller’s information.  

With the Zendesk Sell and Five9 integration, sales reps have all the context they need about the caller right away. When a call comes in, the existing lead or contact record tied to the caller’s phone number will automatically pop up on the rep’s screen. From there, the sales rep can see the caller’s name and company, as well as any previous interactions you or someone on your sales team might’ve already had with their company. This seamless integration means less time searching to identify the caller and more time spent consulting prospects or customers on products or services that can help them.  

Post-call notes and comments made easy 

Writing up notes after a sales call ends takes time. Although detailed call notes are very important in any sales organization, it can be difficult to make sure those insights are jotted down. Let’s use the example set forth in the previous point with the inbound caller. After a positive conversation with the caller ends, the sales rep learns that the prospect will likely have budget in a couple quarters for a new product or service the sales rep is offering. The sales rep knows they should mark this contact record as a “Q2 2022” contact in her Zendesk Sell Smart List for future follow up. However, when the sales rep is about to record this information, she gets pulled into the first of many meetings with other customers. With each meeting coming and going, she unfortunately forgets to write down this important detail.  

The Zendesk Sell and Five9 integration ensures sales reps never miss important details from prospect or customer calls. After a call ends, a pop up will automatically appear, giving the sales rep prompts to select a call disposition and leave notes. Once the rep finishes her notes, they’ll be automatically updated on the contact or lead record. Also, a PCI compliant recording of the conversation is available for playback. Zendesk Sell and Five9 make it easy for sales reps to record prospect or customer interaction insights, so they never miss opportunities to drive sales cycles forward.   

A head start on creating new leads or contacts 

 Ensuring sales reps create, record, and update lead and contact records is essential for a frictionless sales cycle. Inaccurate data entry can cause sales reps to lose track of important prospect or customer information, like their name, role, and what company they work for. Since it often takes multiple calls and emails to several people within a company to close a deal, sales reps can’t afford to have inaccurate sales data slowing them down.  

The Zendesk Sell and Five9 integration drives accurate and efficient lead and contact data collection. If an inbound caller’s phone number doesn’t match any existing lead or contact records, Zendesk Sell and Five9 will provide a quick way to create a new lead or contact. With a few clicks, sales reps can create new leads and contacts even as the prospect or customer tells them about their information on the live call. This integration enables the sales rep to have accurate data on all their leads and contacts, helping them drive smarter sales conversations and ultimately, a faster sales cycle.  

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Natalie Mackay Product Marketing Manager

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