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How Enterprises use Gamification and Performance Management to Drive Success

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Natalie Mackay Product Marketing Manager

Companies of all sizes have incorporated hybrid work over the past few years. With thousands of agents across the world, enterprise companies find that traditional ways of incentivizing agents are no longer valid. Pizza parties or free lunches in the office don’t entice agents working in a hybrid environment.  

Most contact centers are adopting a gamification strategy to maintain agent productivity and drive high performance in their contact center. 89% of employees believe they’d be more productive if their work was more gamified, according to an article by Review42. Let’s look at how enterprise contact centers can increase agent camaraderie and performance, keep a pulse on performance, use gamification for knowledge retention, and provide agent autonomy. 

Increase Agent Camaraderie and Performance 

 Gamification is a great way to bring contact center agents together no matter where they work. Strong social connections make people happier and physically healthier, which can translate into better work performance, according to an article by Forbes.   

Through Five9 Gamification, agents can challenge each other and compete in customized games, helping the team reach critical KPIs. Challenges and games encourage agents to invite their peers to participate in friendly competition. By gamifying performance and allowing agents to face-off against one another, their performance and effort contribute directly to their team’s goals while also allowing them to connect with fellow employees.   

Keep a Pulse on Performance at Scale 

With such large teams, it can be difficult for enterprise contact center supervisors to monitor and reward so many agents at once. As agents engage in multiple games and challenges, the need for a streamlined way of managing performance and rewards becomes a necessity.  

With Five9 Performance Dashboard, contact center supervisors can watch their agents’ competitive drive transform into real results. Agents are automatically rewarded via coins, experience points and more for reaching pre-set KPIs. And if performance slips for any reason, supervisors can see in real-time and adjust to get back on track. Five9 Performance Dashboard enables enterprise contact centers to always have a pulse on their agents’ performance no matter how large the team. 

Use Gamification to Drive Knowledge Retention 

Being a new agent at a contact center is tough. Being a new agent on a large, enterprise team working remotely is even harder. Although supervisors do make time to onboard and train new agents, it can be challenging to get agents ramped along with all the other tasks involved in running a large team. So how can supervisors balance onboarding new agents with their daily operations? 

Five9 Gamification serves as a great way to help with onboarding and training. By gamifying the onboarding process, supervisors can teach new agents’ key information in a more fun and engaging way. Create games that help new agents explore their everyday tasks, helping them stay motivated and supported. Supplement your dedicated training with these fun games to get agents up and running faster, no PowerPoint presentations required. 

Provide a Flexible Work Environment without Losing Connection 

Let’s face it – for most organizations, remote or hybrid work is here to stay. This means, to retain and attract talent, enterprise contact centers must offer flexible work. But flexible work shouldn’t come at the cost of losing connection with your team. 

Five9 Gamification provides the perfect balance between enabling agent autonomy while keeping them connected to one another. Group competitions and games bring dispersed teams together to celebrate wins even if they’re far apart. With virtual wallboards and performance dashboards, contact center teams can easily see their goals and hold each other accountable. Agents can keep an eye on where they stand against team ratings as well as push each other to reach KPIs as a team.  

Check out more ways Five9 Gamification and Five9 Performance Dashboard can help your enterprise contact center today. 

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Natalie Mackay Product Marketing Manager

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