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Natalie Mackay

3 Ways Five9 Interaction Analytics Provides Insights Across your Voice and Digital Channels

According to the Five9 Customer Service Index 2021, “regardless of age, just over half (51%) of respondents prefer to interact with a company over the phone when contacting a business for general customer service issues.”

4 Ways to Make Every Agent a Super-Agent with Five9 CRM Integrations

How can you help your agents become “super-agents”? There are lots of ways we can assist your agents so they can be their best. From implementing helpful applications to good old-fashioned coaching. However, a great place to start is connecting your agents with the treasure trove of customer information in your CRM.

6 Simple Steps to Evaluate your Gamification Cycle

We created a simple gamification cycle to evaluate the gamification strategies you currently have in place and show you how to implement new ones. This way, your contact center constantly evolves to create the highest level of agent engagement and performance.

Bracing for the Great Resignation: 5 Ways Workforce Optimization Can Refine Remote Work

With more than half of Americans planning to search for a new job over the next 12 months, many employers are looking for ways to keep their workers engaged. Most of us have adjusted to a remote or a hybrid work style, but now it’s time for companies to rethink what that experience is like. They’ll need to re-evaluate – not just from a technology and environment standpoint but from a leadership, change management, and career-growth perspective as well.

Five9 Expands Global Network Connections with the Equinix Fabric Partnership

Five9 is excited to announce our latest addition to the list of supported IPConnect options – our partnership with the Equinix Fabric.

How to Identify Operational Roadblocks and Reduce Agent Burnout

Let’s look at some of the top operational roadblocks that can lead to agent burnout and how contact center supervisors can reduce the risk.

How WFO Reduces Agent Stress as Customer Service Becomes More Complicated

Now that agents are working remotely, it can be more challenging to know if they’re getting the coaching they need to be successful. Let’s look at how Five9 has integrated WFO into these core applications to reduce agent stress and streamline operations.

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