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Jonathan Rosenberg: How AI Impacts the Contact Center

As you might have heard, Jonathan Rosenberg started 2019 with a bang and joined Five9 as our new CTO and Head of AI – and he has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. Next month, Jonathan will head to Florida for Enterprise Connect 2019 and present the session “5 Surprising Reasons Why You Need To Move Your Contact Center to the Cloud.”

Recently, Jonathan sat down with John Furrier, Co-CEO at theCUBE, to discuss his move to Five9, the cloud, and the future of the contact center. Below Jonathan shares what AI means for the contact center:

John: “What does it actually mean to someone who's, either has a contact center or has a large enterprise, says, you know what, I got to modernize. How does AI fit them, what is actually going on?” 

Jonathan: “Right, great question. So, AI actually can solve lots of different problems. The end of the day, again, AI is like, it's the biggest buzzword, right? It's in my title, so I'm a little guilty, right? 

But what it comes down to is really the core idea of machine learning (ML). Which is really like fancy new algorithmic technique for taking a bunch of data and sort of making a decision based on it. And it turns out, as we've learned, if you have enough data, and you can have enough computing, and we optimize the algorithms, you can do some amazing things, right? 

And it's been applied to areas like speech recognition, and image recognition, and all these kind of things, self-driving cars, that are all about decision processes. Do I go left, do I go right? Is this Bob, is this Alice? Did the user say "and" or did they say "or"? Those are all decision processes that these tools can automate. 

What does it mean in the contact center? It means everything in the contact center. If you look at the contact center, it's all about decision processes. Where should this call get routed? What's the right agent to handle the call right now? When the agent gets the call, what kind of things should they be saying? What do I do with the call after the call is done? How should the agent use their time? 

All those things are decision processes and they are key to the contact center, so AI and ML are going to transform every aspect of it. And most importantly, analyzing what the person is saying, connecting with the customer, allowing the agent to be more effective.” 

Join Jonathan at #EC19 on Monday, March 18th at 1 p.m. in Sun C at the Gaylord Palms Hotel as he dives into how the cloud is poised to transform the contact center, and the future of AI.

To watch Jonathan’s full interview, click here.

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