[Webinar] Leveraging AI to Improve Customer Care and Contact Center Efficiencies

[WEBINAR] Leveraging AI to Improve Customer Care and Contact Center Efficiencies

AI-powered customer service has empowered CX professionals worldwide to navigate the rapid changes in consumer behavior. According to a recent Inference Solutions study71% of IT decisions makers agree that intelligent self-service automation has helped their organization remain agile during the global pandemic. Therefore, it is undeniable that artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly shaping the future of customer service 

The benefits of AI in the contact center are endless. Not only does ireduce contact center costs and greatly improve efficienciesbut it can enable your agents to not to lose sight of what’s really important in the contact center: customer care  

Now more than ever, putting the customer first and treating them with care is necessary for all brandas we continue to navigate through these uncertain times.  

In a recent Five9 executive webinarJonathan Rosenberg, CTO of Five9, shared two AI technologies that are revolutionizing how agents can deliver better customer care:   

  1. Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA) leverage the latest AI-based technology to deliver quick answers to common questions and solve customer problems faster without using a live agent. By resolving frequently asked questions with an AI powered self-service solution, your agents can now allow them to focus ohigh-value customer interactions, which require empathy and care (Learn more here).  

  2. Agent Assist provides your contact center with a practical application of AI that immediately improves agent performance and helps you reduce costs. It automatically transcribes information between agents and customers in real-time, providing agents with a “second pair of ears.” These transcriptions free up the agent from laborious note taking and helps the agent understand what the customer has said, without asking them to repeat it. Additionally, Agent Assist summarizes the call based on the transcript and automatically adds it to the CRM, reducing the time an agent has to spend on after call work (Learn more here).  

In summary, both AI-powered technologies heavily reduce repetitive and busy work for your agents. This helps contact centers realize immediate cost savings by reducing average handle time (AHT) and and after call work (ACW) and instantly gives back the time your agents need to focus on customer careAs mentioned earlier in the article, the benefits of contact center AI are endless! 

For deeper insights into how the latest AI technologies are revolutionizing the contact center, watch our on-demand executive webinar today to learn more 

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