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Mom as a Service - Happy Mother’s Day

Someone famous once said "women can have it all, they just can't have it all at the same time." As Mother’s Day approaches, I think how fortunate we are to be alive in a time when professional women have more flexibility to achieve work-life integration. Talking with other moms at work, it's clear that many of us have found unique strategies to balance our professional priorities and still be apart of those important family moments – while still keeping a little time for ourselves.

At a macro level, the best advice is to "not" think that you have to balance work and life equally. Some days, your work will consume you; other days you family will need your attention more. Every year my kids get their school schedules we go through it together. I like to plan out what’s most important for me to be at, and what’s for me to miss. There’s still a lot I miss but I’m ok with that because I’m there for the memorable moments.

The biggest enabler to do everything we need to, wherever and whenever we want, is modern technology. While some may bemoan the 24/7 intrusion of work, I welcome it. I’m always able to stay up to speed and respond to anything pressing at work even when it’s late in the evening and family time.

As every busy mom knows, multitasking is key to balancing it all. I no longer have a long commute by Silicon Valley standards, but I still use my time wisely. Most days, I schedule (hands–free) work calls for the morning drive in. This helps me get a jump on the day with colleagues in earlier time zones and frees up time in the office for other business priorities.

Just as important as prioritizing business and family, is taking time for yourself. That could be the hardest part of being a working mom; we tend to prioritize ourselves last. My trick, wake up at 5am, as 5am – 7am is “Niki Time” where you will likely find me at the nearest SoulCycle, spinning my stress away, making room for all the awaits me in the day.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms everywhere!

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