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The New CX: AI and Agents in Conversation

Product Marketing Manager
Bailey Backal Product Marketing Manager

In the rapid pace of today's world, customer experience (CX) has evolved into a complex, multi-faceted challenge. Contact center agents are tasked with resolving numerous issues quickly and effectively, all while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction. As businesses strive to meet these increasing demands, the role of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation in enhancing customer service has become crucial. New products like Five9 Agent Assist are making live customer interactions faster and more convenient than ever.

While AI brings efficiency and precision to CX, real agents add an essential human touch. Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) and self-service channels are becoming increasingly quick and accurate, yet customers still value empathy and understanding. According to Shep Hyken’s 2023 Achieving Customer Amazement Report, 81% of customers prefer to speak to a live agent (a 14% increase year over year). Real CX means real, human conversation.

Balancing AI’s Efficiency with Human Empathy

Exceptional customer experiences are built on understanding and addressing customers’ needs, prioritizing what matters most to them. In customer service, this means showing empathy, practicing active listening, and providing personalized interactions. 

Notably, active listening is a human communication style that requires devoting total attention to the speaker so you can truly understand what they are saying and properly respond. Without it, an agent might misunderstand the customer, overlook key points in a conversation, or even hold a different point of view than the customer. This is a widespread problem in customer service because agents must anticipate customer needs, find answers to them, and adhere to company compliance and best practices – all while diligently taking notes. This is where Five9 Agent Assist comes in, making the agent’s job easier by ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

The Joy of Human Conversation: Giving Agent's Voice with Agent Assist

Integrating Agent Assist capabilities with real, characteristically human conversation creates a powerful synergy that greatly improves customer service outcomes. Agent Assist brings efficiency, accuracy, and speed through live transcription, real-time guidance, and automation of routine activities like call summarization. Real agents bring charm, wit, and compassion, building relationships grounded in trust and genuine human understanding. Working together, they provide next-level customer service. That’s why Agent Assist is rapidly becoming the leading AI application for CX with 39% of companies using it now.

With real-time transcription and call summaries powered by generative AI technology from OpenAI, agents can fully dive into conversations with customers – without the distraction of note taking. This not only minimizes the work needed after calls but also ensures that call documentation is consistent and high-quality, which helps with training and quality assurance. By automating repetitive tasks, Agent Assist lets agents dedicate more time to genuinely engaging with customers. With more time for real conversation, agents get to do what people are good at – listening, relating, framing solutions, and maybe sharing a laugh or two with customers. 

Paving The Way for The New CX

The real-world impact of balancing human and artificial intelligence is evident in the success stories of businesses using Five9’s Agent Assist. Michael Guerrero, Director of Cloud Telephony and CRM at AdventHealth, agrees: “In healthcare, we all know there’s a shortage of people. And we have a saying... human plus AI is greater than AI.”

The unique pairing of AI and human skills specifically within a contact center context leads to higher customer satisfaction, better resolution rates, and an overall improvement in the quality of service provided. As we move forward, tools like Agent Assist will undoubtedly become the standard of superior customer service. Get modern, stay personal – welcome to the New CX.

To learn more, check out our Case Study with OceanFirst Bank, or read our Agent Assist e-book. 

Product Marketing Manager
Bailey Backal Product Marketing Manager

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