Reimagining the Contact Center Experience with Five9 VoiceStream

Reimagining the Contact Center Experience with Five9 VoiceStream

In the last couple of years, the world of customer experience has evolved drastically as businesses continue to see the shift in consumer behavior, habits, and expectations. Customers are expecting quick and seamless interactions with contact centers from start to finish. From the second a customer dials into a contact center, they expect a personalized experience all in real-time. In fact, 80% of customers say the experiences provided by a company are as important to them as its products or services, according to research by Salesforce. 

As the customer experience continues to be a top priority for contact centers, so should the technology they use. Contact centers are rich with customer data that often is not leveraged in a way to improve the customer experience. In order to meet the growing demand of customers, companies must look to leverage advanced, real-time applications in artificial intelligence, real time speech analytics, coaching guidance, biometrics, and more. 

However, it has traditionally been difficult integrating real-time applications into the contact center and rightfully so--that's where Five9 VoiceStream comes into play to power such applications.  

Innovation in the Contact Center 

Five9 VoiceStream provides a set of RESTful APIs that enables real-time audio streams as well as CTI events and metadata for agent-customer call interactions from Five9 to third-party applications. This easily allows accredited ISV Partners who provide biometrics, real-time speech analytics or agent coaching / AI applications to integrate their solutions with the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center 

With the ability to stream voice audio in real-time between agents and customers, capturing, analyzing, and storing the conversation as it happens is made easy. Five9 VoiceStream helps third-party applications analyze the content of what is being said between the agent and the customer so that the agent can be provided real-time guidance or coaching, or the customer voice can be authenticated on the fly. This improves overall customer satisfaction and reducing customer friction to provide a more seamless experience.    

Art of the possible 

Many of us have experienced frustration when calling into a contact center. The majority of the time is spent verifying your identity and speaking with an agent who seems to lack empathy or compassion towards your issue. With Five9 VoiceStream, your contact center can choose from accredited applications to address those customer pain points. Let’s look at what is possible utilizing applications powered by Five9 VoiceStream:  

Imagine a customer calls into your contact center and they are verified automatically via their voice, eliminating the need for the customer to provide additional information. VoiceStream powers the biometrics application, making it a seamless experience for the customer. Now, as the conversation continues, the customer starts to become upset as the call isn’t necessarily going the way they had hoped it would go. Your real-time speech analytics application powered by VoiceStream can detect frustration in the customer’s voice and trigger an AI-powered coaching assistant to recommend a course of action and prompt the agent to show more empathy or even alert the Supervisor to get involved. Five9 VoiceStream can help you reimagine the contact center experience to provide quick, easy, and seamless customer interactions. 

Tune in next week to learn about the five accredited Five9 ISV partners who have successfully built applications powered by Five9 VoiceStream. 

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