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Revolutionizing Customer Service: Zendesk and Five9 


Guest Blog by Larry Head, Principal Partner Sales Executive - Zendesk 


Providing exceptional customer service has become a key differentiator for most businesses, and technology is crucial in enabling organizations to deliver seamless, convenient and personalized customer experiences. Five9 and Zendesk are intent on transforming customer service and providing value to their customers.  


For 10 years, Zendesk and Five9 have helped hundreds of customers globally by leveraging the “better together” joint solution that optimizes the customer journey. We are successful because of our mutual commitment to effective collaboration, strong execution, and prioritizing the success of our customers.  


In 2021 the success of the partnership was recognized when Five9 was promoted to the Advanced Partnership Tier within the Zendesk Technology Partner Program. This elevation of the partnership reflects the substantial value of the integrated solutions, collaborative partner teams, and growing number of successful joint customers.  


The Five9 and Zendesk collaboration allows organizations to scale their customer service operations as their needs evolve. Five9 is a leading CCaaS platform that empowers agents to do more, and with less effort and more agility. Zendesk's customer experience software is constructed to help our mutual clients scale, enabling organizations to manage customer interactions across different channels and touchpoints as their customer base grows. This scalability empowers organizations to deliver consistent and high-quality customer service, regardless of their size or industry, and adapt to the changing dynamics of the market. 


Together, the Five9 adapter for Zendesk enable organizations to streamline workflows and optimize agent productivity. Integrating Five9's cloud contact center technology and Zendesk's customer experience platform eliminates the need for manual data entry. It allows agents to access relevant customer information, such as past interactions and purchase history, within a single interface. Streamlining the agent's workflow reduces the time spent on administrative tasks and enables agents to focus on delivering personalized and efficient customer service. The partnership also allows organizations to leverage automation and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to automate routine tasks, such as call routing and ticket creation, and provide faster resolutions to customer issues. Five9 solutions listing on the Zendesk Marketplace 


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