The Future of Customer Engagement in Financial Services

The Future of Customer Engagement in Financial Services

With the Digital Revolution continuing in the financial sector, customer expectations are now higher than ever. With so many options available at their fingertips, maintaining flexibility and keeping a competitive advantage has become top priority for companies. Key factors to stay ahead in today’s game are building deeper relationships with your customers, driving transparency and quickly tracking profitable actions.


I’m excited to share my insights on the key trends that are changing the face of financial services and how to meet the new expectations of your customers through intelligent and multi-channel journeys throughout the key financial moments of their lives.


Join me at the ‘Future of Customer Engagement in Financial Services’ conference, brought to you by Salesforce, Incloud and Five9, on June 20th at the W Hotel Montreal to discover new strategies on how to:


  • Create a single customer view across your business lines
  • Develop a customer-centric business model
  • Understand each customer journey through their interactions and activities


Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Space is limited, reserve your spot today.

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