Five9 Commitment to Canada

Five9 Commitment to Canada

Five9 has proudly been serving Canadian businesses for nearly a decade now. Over the years, we have witnessed an explosion of Canadian enterprises adopting cloud technologies, especially in the customer experience (CX) space.

Previously, Canadian businesses were left with few options for CCaaS solutions – most of which were repurposed on-premise solutions hosted by a variety of partners and even fewer providers were on the ground in Canada.

We understand that, like most businesses, Canadian businesses’ must meet the high expectations and demands of their customers in order to be successful. In fact, a recent Five9 Canadian survey found that 86% of customers stated that great customer service is the top requirement in order to earn their business.

This requirement has never been more apparent in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and consequent quick shift to work from home (WFH). During these times, WFH became the only mode of work for many businesses. The silver lining being that WFH powered by cloud-based technologies proved to be even more effective and efficient than previous brick and mortar models. As enterprises shift to now define their business continuity strategy, Five9 is here to help.  

We are excited to announce that Five9 is expanding our existing Canadian-based Operations and Services to embrace the value we see in this tech-rich, fast-growing market. It’s part of our 2020 global momentum strategy that has us expanding worldwide as we support the needs of multinational companies eager to embrace the power of the cloud – and we are going ALL-IN. It is a testimony to our customers and partners as we continue to drive our leadership position in the Canadian market.

Starting in June, we’re rolling out our Canadian data centers leveraging the power Google Cloud. Key to this is our commitment to support Canadian data privacy regulations as part of this enhanced rollout.

We have doubled our local Canadian field services teams year-over-year for the past three years. In addition to Sales teams, we have focused on adding Canadian-based Support, Professional Services, Cloud Infrastructure, Partner Ecosystem, and Customer Success Teams.

Additionally, Five9 is expanding into new office space later this year in the Downtown Toronto Area, which is fast-becoming the Silicon Valley of Canada. None of this would be possible without Canadian companies who are unreservedly harnessing the cloud to become more agile, responsive, and able to deliver truly connected customer service experiences from any location.

And, how is Canada reacting to our increased presence? Five9 has seen a 30% year-over-year growth in the Canadian market during the last five years. As businesses prioritize delivering exceptional customer service, choosing an intelligent cloud contact center platform has become a major priority.

As companies look to the future, cloud has become a critical component of their business continuity plans. As the GM & Vice President of Strategic Enterprise Sales dedicated to Canada, I am honored to support local businesses with the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center Platform and our full range of Professional Services for local enterprises’ ongoing success. In addition, we’re grateful for our strong Partner Ecosystem that supports our ability to expand and deliver services to our Canadian customers.

To learn more about our Canadian operations, click here.

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