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[Webinar] Cloud Contact Centers: Testing The Waters

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Chris Miller is the VP of Solution Consulting at Five9.

Are you ready for this day? Your CIO walks in and says, “We need to move to the cloud.” If you are ready, you’re ahead of the game. You understand the benefits of moving to the cloud.


If not, here’s what you need to know: It’s time to start testing the waters.


First, keep in mind, this isn’t a project completed by one vendor. A complete solution is made up of a company’s experience and partnered with experts in a complementing industry. For example, Five9 and Arrow SI have teamed up to combine best-in-class technologies into a single, unified solution.


Next, it’s important to note the benefits moving to the cloud. Compared to on-premise applications, the cloud offers lower capital expenses, fast and easy set-up, the ability to integrate with existing CRM and third-party applications, and built-in digital channels.


Your CIO understands these benefits at this point so here are some ideas for testing cloud options that leverage existing investments, rather than uprooting and forklifting them out. You can begin with adding digital channels such as chat, email, or social. Design a special project that’s easy to peel away from ACD, such as TFM and having a team support it.


Remember, the word “cloud” does not have to be overwhelming.


For more information on this topic, join our combined powerhouse with Five9 and Arrow SI experts for a webinar on August 16 at 12pm CT. Marc Harer and myself will discuss strategies and methodologies for a smooth transition to adopting cloud-based contact center options.


Attend this webinar to learn:


  • Which adoption models help incorporate cloud contact center options without a full overhaul of existing investments
  • How testing a cloud-based system can complement and leverage your current infrastructure
  • Pros and cons for incorporating a cloud model into your current infrastructure


Register here, we will see you then.

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Chris Miller is the VP of Solution Consulting at Five9.

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