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Growth Hacking Meets Customer Service

By Edwin Margulies The principles of growth hacking are extensible and can be applied to the realm of customer service.

Multi-Layer Dispositioning for Social Care

By Ed Margulies A big challenge for practitioners of social engagement for customer care is the proper dispositioning of customer posts and interactions. In traditional contact centers, dispositioning can be handled by case management systems, ACD outcomes and CRM systems.

Can the Cloud Deliver More Up-time?

The following post is from guest contributor, Sheila McGee-Smith, President & Principal Analyst, McGee-Smith Analytics. You can follow Sheila on Twitter @McGeeSmith.  

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CRM Paves the Way for Cloud Contact Center

Adoption of cloud computing is on the rise, growing at an unprecedented rate as companies look to create business value while reducing costs.

Challenging Cloud Myths, Part 4

Fourth in a series debunking myths about the cloud… Myth#4 – The cloud can’t be customized. The idea that software in the cloud is not customizable is one that has been perpetuated by on premise software vendors and is simply false. In fact, software in the cloud can absolutely be modified to meet a particular organizations needs and in many cases it is less expensive to accomplish than with on premise software.  Open APIs enable cloud vendors to deliver low-cost customization options to customers.

Challenging Cloud Myths, Part 3

Third in a series debunking myths about the cloud… Myth#3 – The cloud will replace IT. As noted in this Forbes article, “The problem with the equation cloud computing = IT job losses is that it’s a gross oversimplification.” As more and more organization deploy cloud solutions, IT plays the critical role of understanding the overall enterprise strategy and takes responsibility for bringing together a myriad of cloud solutions.

Challenging Cloud Myths, Part 2

Second in a series debunking myths about the cloud… Myth#2 – The cloud cannot scale for large enterprises. The truth is actually just the opposite; one single organization is less likely to be able to scale more than a cloud software vendor. When delivering software in the cloud, the concept of economies of scale is key, so most cloud vendors build their solutions from the ground up with an innate ability to scale.

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